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IM K-5 Beta

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IM K–5 Math beta, authored and certified by Illustrative Mathematics, is the latest chapter of the fully coherent, seamless, and aligned suite of IM K–12 math.

The IM K–5 Math beta pilot is available exclusively via our IM Certified Partners. 

To apply:

  • Review the IM K-5 Math beta requirements.*
  • Review the IM Certified Partners for the pilot.
  • Click on the Apply Today button and to submit your application form and select your IM Certified Partner(s).


*By submitting the application, you are not committing to the pilot, but you are agreeing to the pilot’s requirements. Once you submit the application your preferred IM Certified Partner(s) will contact you and share further information about their program and pricing.

With IM K–5 Math beta:

  • students use mathematics to make connections and develop conceptual understanding
  • students enjoy mathematics while they discuss and defend their reasoning
  • teachers facilitate lessons with confidence 
  • teachers and coaches provide feedback to the IM authors to help with future IM K–5 Math and professional learning iterations

"My students' mathematical thinking blows my mind! Each and every student in my classroom can explain their answer. Their strategies look different because they all approach and solve problems in different ways, but they can use words, diagrams, and equations to explain their answer."

−Tabitha E. 3rd grade teacher Missouri


The IM K–5 Math beta pilot is exclusively available to selected participants via our IM Certified Distribution partners.


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IM Certified Curriculum Partners:

  • are the exclusive providers of the IM Certified curricula
  • align with the mission and goal of IM
  • guarantee updates and enhancements to the curriculum are thoroughly vetted by the IM authors
  • are always the first to carry the latest versions of IM Certified curricula
  • contribute back to the ongoing development of the materials with a portion of every adoption going to IM


Downloadable IM K–5 Math beta resources

Downloadable IM K–5 Math beta resources

Learn more about  IM K–5 Math beta

Scope and Sequence

In IM K–5 Math each grade is made up of eight carefully sequenced and standards-aligned units designed to tell a coherent mathematical story. The attached sequence is from the alpha pilot and may be adjusted slightly in the beta pilot based on teacher feedback.


Sample Lesson Plan

A redesigned lesson plan structure for the elementary classroom gives teachers the support and information they need at their fingertips.


Center Overview

Introducing math center “stages” that give teachers options of activities to address different student knowledge within the same center. Staged centers are carefully designed to progress as units and learning trajectories progress.


Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions we have received about IM K–5 Math beta


IM K–5 Math beta Pilot Requirements

Schools and districts interested in piloting need to meet these requirements. Please contact an IM Certified Partner directly if you are interested in piloting IM K–5 Math beta.


“Students are participating in the IM K–5 Math lessons in amazing ways. Students who used to defer to others are now talking! Students who once monopolized classroom air time are now listening! We are thrilled with the joyful exchange of ideas that happens during these lessons, which is in no small part thanks to the thoughtful design structure.”

Jenna L., Math Specialist, MA

“We chose to pilot IM K–5 Math so we could engage students in a curriculum that prepare students to move toward modelling in mathematics and focus on problem solving and conceptual understanding rather than computation and memorization.”

Ashley G., Assistant Superintendent, DE

“At a recent professional learning for teachers participating in pilot, a teacher summed it up perfectly, ‘IM is really creating what they say they stand for, and you can see it throughout’ which hasn’t always been the case with other resources we have reviewed.”

Kathleen H., K–8 Mathematics Coordinator, MA


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