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IM Certified Facilitators

Meet the IM Facilitators


Alabama  •  Arizona •  Arkansas  •  California   •  Colorado   •  Connecticut   •  Delaware   •  District of Columbia   •  Georgia •  Illinois  •  Iowa  •  Kentucky  •  Louisiana  •  Maine  •  Massachusetts  •  Michigan  •  Minnesota •  Mississippi •  Montana  •  New Mexico  •  Nevada  •  New York  •  North Carolina  •  Ohio  •  Oregon  •  Pennsylvania  •  Rhode Island  •  South Carolina  •  South Dakota •  Texas  •  Washington  •  Wisconsin


Becca P., has, in the last 25 years, taught everything from grade 6 math to College Algebra. Most recently she has taught middle school and high school with Huntsville City Schools. Becca received her BA in Mathematics Education from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her M.Ed (Curriculum and Instruction) and M.S. (Mathematics) from East Tennessee State University. Becca was named a 2017 state-level finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and 2018 Huntsville City Schools Secondary Teacher of the Year. She is excited to be working with Illustrative Mathematics to help schools and districts that are working to support students by supporting teachers, to provide equity, and to encourage everyone to enjoy math.


Jeanne S., a National Board Certified Teacher, has been an educator for more than 25 years. She taught middle school and high school math in Georgia and Alabama before becoming a math specialist for the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative. She holds graduate degrees in integrating classroom technology and in differentiating instruction for English speakers of other languages.


Judy D. is a National Board Certified Teacher with over 17 years of service in education as a grade 8–12 teacher and the Arkansas lead high school math specialist, providing professional development and school support to K–12 teachers and preservice teachers. She served on the board for the Arkansas Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Arkansas Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, and Arkansas Teachers for National Board Certification. She earned her B.S. in Secondary Mathematics Education at Arkansas Tech University, her M.Ed. at University of Arkansas, and is working on her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, Harding University. Judy is a proud math geek and is always seeking to learn more about how the brain learns and grows and how to promote a positive mathematics identity in students. Judy also enjoys traveling with her daughter to experience new places, tastes, people, and cultures.


Alicia H.
takes great pleasure in her current role as an instructional coach and educational consultant, which allows her to work and learn with many different teachers in a variety of settings and keeps her passion alive! For the past seven years, she has worked as a full time consultant in elementary, middle and high school settings in Arizona, New Mexico, Virginia, Texas and Mississippi. Prior to this work she served as a math coach, and special education teacher in the Phoenix and Chicago areas. She earned a master’s degree from Northwestern University and has been in education for 21 years and counting. In her free time, she loves to hike, read, play games, travel, and spend time with her son and husband.


Since joining SCCOE, Ma Bernadette A. has been to K–12 classrooms teaching, coaching teachers, and providing professional learning for teachers, site and district administrators, and parents. She continues to “walk the talk” by being in the classrooms doing lesson demonstrations embedding English language development (ELD) standards and strategies for English language learners and students with disabilities. Her expertise also includes curriculum development that fosters a growth mindset through the lens of culturally responsive pedagogy and social justice. She developed summer school curricula for grades 8 and 9 through the ELEVATE math program of the Silicon Valley Education Foundation. The curricula highlight lessons and strategies that promote student agency and identity. Included in the lessons are a variety of activities that support academic language acquisition, critical abilities from CCSS-Math—that is, communication in many forms, collaboration and interpersonal interaction, use of technology, modeling, design, problem-solving, and formative assessment.


Vanessa C. started her journey as an educator, curriculum developer, and workshop facilitator over 20 years ago. She taught high school mathematics in Los Angeles and Orange County before joining her local county office as a math coordinator. She has developed a unique perspective to the problems we face every day, through her work with diverse learning communities: a site with predominantly English language learners in Title 1 schools, a math and science academy, and an academy grounded in the arts. She currently supports teachers, administrators, and varied stakeholders, grades K–12, to foster a love for learning mathematics!


Joe H.
began his teaching career as a Math for America DC Fellow, and was later a Math for America DC Master Teacher. His teaching experience includes grade 7 math, AP Calculus, and everything in between, with an emphasis on providing equitable access and opportunities to emergent bilinguals and other historically marginalized groups. Joe currently teaches high school in California in a program designed to de-track and desegregate incoming ninth grade students. Joe has a B.A. in mathematics from the University of Chicago, an MAT in Secondary Math Education from American University, and has attended the Teacher Leadership Program at the Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI).


Janet H.
has worked in Santa Barbara Unified School District for over 30 years as a junior high and high school mathematics teacher as well as a district level math specialist. In her current role she collaborates with teachers, facilitates professional learning, and supports administrators as they learn more about the teaching and learning of mathematics. Her work provides her the opportunity to support grades 6 and 7 teachers using the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum with a focus on improving learning outcomes for English learners and students with unfinished math learning. Working with students that have yet to find joy in the mathematics they are learning inspires her to continue to learn, grow ,and build communities of learners focused on improving access and equity for all.


Kathy M., Ph.D
is an educational consultant and a recently retired Math Education Professor from Sonoma State University with a Ph.D in Teacher Education from the University of Michigan. With more than 25 years of experience supporting pre- and in-service K–8 teachers, and experience teaching K–6, she has worked as in a variety of roles including professional learning facilitator, university instructor, coach, and lesson study/PLC mentor. She loves working with groups of teachers and teacher leaders to nurture curiosity about student thinking while developing pedagogical reasoning and mathematical content knowledge. She is inspired by powerful math frameworks that have numbers in them, especially the 8 Mathematical Practice Standards, the 5 Practices for Orchestrating Powerful Mathematics Discussions, 5 Classroom Dimensions in Teaching for Robust Understanding (TRU), and NCTM’s 8 Effective Teaching Practices.


Gretchen M. has over 30 years of experience working in mathematics education as a middle school teacher, coach, curriculum and instruction specialist and project manager. Currently, she is the Executive Secretary for the California Mathematics Council and a coaching coordinator for a statewide grant. Gretchen’s most recent projects have involved issues of equity and access through the use of discourse and task design. She has worked with kindergarten through algebra teachers to improve their instruction and has extensive experience with performance assessments and their use as formative assessment tools. She has been involved with the Silicon Valley Mathematics Initiative and their use of the MARS tasks. Gretchen has a BA in Geology from UC Berkeley, masters in education administration from San Francisco State University, and is worked on her EdD in Learning and Instruction from the University of San Francisco.


Sean N., Ph.D
received the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. He has published multiple books and articles, is a LearnZillion Ambassador, and has presented at over 40 conferences. Sean is a professor at California State University San Marcos and American College of Education. Sean is an educator, coach, and liaison in Oceanside, CA. He has worked with the US Department of Education, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, National Science Foundation, California Department of Education, Commission on Teacher Credentialing, and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. He was a representative for the USA at ICME-12. Sean is the President and Program Chair of the Greater San Diego Mathematics Council. He consults for various districts at the K–12 level training teachers and administrators. His research agenda includes how teachers negotiate the balance between the procedural, conceptual, and application via technological resources.


Christine N. is an elementary math specialist with the Stanislaus County Office of Education in Modesto, California and a math instructor of pre-service teachers at California State University, Stanislaus. She has been working in the field of education in central California for the past 10 years, teaching grades 5 and 6 and working closely with K–8 teachers to support them in their mathematics learning and instruction. She is a speaker both regionally and at NCSM and NCTM on best practices and important issues in elementary math education and has been featured in Education Week, one of the leading publications in K–12 education. Chrissy lives with her husband and three little mathematicians in Turlock, CA.


Chase O. has worked in math education for almost 20 years, but strives to keep a growth mindset and remember that there is always value in thinking more deeply about simple ideas. He is currently self-employed working with teachers around the country as a coach, collaborator, and consultant. He is a lead author of MathLinks, a comprehensive math curriculum for students in grades 6–8. He was in the math classroom full time for 12 years working in a variety of educational models. In addition to teaching most of the content in grades 6–12, he has leveraged his experiences as an outdoor educator to create and teach classes like “The Math and Physics of Mountain Biking” and the “Shape of Sound.” When he’s not geeking out about math, Chase loves to find joy and peace in the mountains.


Craig S. is a mathematics educator who has taught high school mathematics in California and Colorado. He has a PhD in Instruction and Curriculum, and has designed, facilitated, and researched professional learning experiences for K–12 teachers through various university projects, NSF-funded grants, and K–12 district initiatives. Through his work at the Center of Mathematics Education of Latinos/as,Craig’s appreciation of the importance of focusing on students’ mathematical language development grew. He also experienced the value of interdisciplinary connections of STEM as he helped develop and teach in a new secondary math/science teacher education program called CU Teach. Currently, Craig works as a district-level mathematics specialist supporting K–12 educators through professional learning communities. Outside of his professional work, Craig spends quality time with his family gardening, playing guitar, and going to the beach.


Lisa B. is a National Board Certified 14-year teaching veteran. Lisa is a instructional designer with Desmos and has worked as a curriculum writer with Illustrative Mathematics. She develops and facilitates mathematics professional learning at district, state, and national levels and presents annually at NCTM conferences. Lisa enjoys supporting teachers to encourage and facilitate mathematical discourse and collaboration among their students. Lisa has a Masters degree in curriculum and instruction from the University of Colorado and is the 2015 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Lisa blogs about mathematics education and can be found on twitter at @lisa_bej.


Kevin L. is currently the K-8 Professional Learning Content Lead for Illustrative Mathematics and Ph. D. student at the University of Connecticut with a focus in Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary Mathematics. He also is the Connecticut Team Leader of the Student Achievement Partners Core Advocate Network. Kevin began his career as a high school math teacher and Secondary Mathematics Curriculum Specialist in Hartford, Connecticut. Kevin’s passion for teaching and learning has also taken him as far as Rwanda, where he works with the Rwanda Teacher Education Program to help design and implement a national teacher training program. In all he does, Kevin is guided by a personal passion for mathematics and a boundless desire to help students and teachers succeed.


Kristin G. a National Board Certified 21-year veteran teacher of grades 5, 7, and 8, is currently the Elementary Curriculum lead at Illustrative Mathematics and writer of IM professional learning content. She has served as a curriculum writer on the IM 6–8 Math curriculum and Teaching Channel Laureate. Kristin has developed and facilitated mathematics professional learning at district, state, and national levels and presents annually at both the NCSM and NCTM conference. As a teacher, colleague, presenter, and learner, Kristin continuously shares the value of curiosity around student thinking in her planning and instruction. To reflect on her experiences, she blogs and connects with educators on Twitter, @MathMinds. Kristin has a B.S. in elementary education with a concentration in mathematics from the University of Delaware, a M.Ed. in applied technology in education from Wilmington University and is the 2014 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

District of Columbia

Lauren L. is a grade 7 and 8 math teacher at Saint Patrick’s Episcopal Day School in DC. Before joining St Patrick’s, she was a grade 6 math teacher at Sidwell Friends School for 12 years. Lauren worked for the Algebra Project in Cambridge, MA throughout high school and college; her time as a math literacy worker and Co-Director of the Math Institute influences her work to this day. Lauren graduated from the Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching and Leadership at Mount Holyoke in 2016. She returns in the summers as a visiting professor to teach the DMI courses. Lauren also holds a M.Ed. from Lesley University through a joint partnership with Shady Hill School’s Teacher Training Course and a B.A. from Emory University. When Lauren is not teaching and learning, she enjoys hot yoga, books on tape, and spending time with her husband and their two sons.


Linda S.
started her math education career in rural PA teaching 6–8 math, computer programming, and Algebra in a 3-room schoolhouse. She has since worked in the metro Atlanta area teaching and coaching kindergarten through high school math. Linda has held many district math leadership positions including K–5 math coach, model teacher leader, CCSSM implementation specialist, master instructional coach, K–12 math coordinator, and is a graduate of the first cohort of the Charles A. Dana Center Urban Mathematics Leadership Academy. She served on the Achieve national EQuIP math review team and helped to create an initial draft of the EdReports math curriculum review tool. Linda is passionate about issues of social justice and equity of access to quality teaching and curriculum for all students.


Belinda T.
currently resides in Augusta, GA, and has worked in math education for 25 years as a teacher, instructional coach, researcher, professional development writer and leader, and curriculum writer. She is fascinated by the challenges of teaching and learning fractions and algebraic reasoning, and embraces opportunities to learn with and from teachers and students. Belinda has been a teacher of grades 5–9 in Kentucky, California, and North Carolina, an instructional coach in high schools in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington DC, and a virtual coach for teachers in New York City. Attaining National Board Certification in Early Adolescence Mathematics sparked a career-long interest in learning from student responses to rich tasks, as well as the power of video in reflecting on one’s teaching practice. She loves to share ideas about small changes to teaching practice that can have a big impact.


Christina A.
is the Director of Math Content Design at Teaching Lab where she
develops professional learning opportunities for teachers and leaders through the use of inquiry cycles. With over 16 years in education, she has had many roles supporting mathematics education—teacher, instructional leader, and network specialist. Most recently, Christina served as Achievement Network’s (ANet) Director of Math Professional Learning where she researched and shared math best practices with educators across the country. Christina believes all students deserve equitable educational opportunities and has dedicated her career to advancing this mission. Christina has a B.S. and M.S. in Elementary Education from Carroll University and Northwestern University, respectively.


Jeff B.
is a teacher educator and educational researcher in central Illinois. Currently a professor of mathematics education at Illinois State University, he is dedicated to building communities of learners and teachers that engage, explore, and enjoy mathematical ideas. Jeff has led teacher workshops for Intel Math and served as co-principal investigator on several NSF-funded research projects to describe learning and improve teaching, including Math Science Partnerships for teaching. As an associate director for a STEM center at ISU, Jeff helps teachers integrate math, science, and technology in creative practices. With over 25 years of teaching experience in middle school, high school, and college classrooms, he enjoys collaborating with teachers to improve mathematical teaching and expand our knowledge of learning. Dr. Barrett’s writing, professional development leadership, and conference presentations express his respect for learning, and his optimism for teaching.


Anita B. is a doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Instruction of Mathematics Education at the University of Illinois Chicago and a middle school mathematics district curriculum coach. She has worked with students and mathematics education for the past 18 years, focusing on middle and high school mathematics and on the academic achievement and positive self-efficacy of urban students in mathematics. She distinguished herself as a professional development leader in the effective use of curricula such as AgileMind and Eureka Mathematics.


Annie F. has been an educator for 15 years, with 12 years of classroom teaching experience, 2 years of instructional coaching, and now serving as a district math coordinator. She is a National Board Certified Teacher and on the board of directors for the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Annie is passionate about giving all students an equitable education, making student thinking visible, and teacher collaboration and reflection. She is also interested in incorporating purposeful technology in the math classroom and is a Desmos Fellow.


Alanna M., a National Board Certified Teacher has been sharing her love for math all of her life. After 20 years teaching in grades 2–8 in Chicago Public Schools, she left the classroom to support the teachers as they grappled with the increased rigor and push for conceptual understanding required by the Common Core State Standards. In her current role at the STEM Center at DePaul University, she works with the Chicago Public Schools Department of Math to support high quality math education for all students by providing collaborative professional learning opportunities for teachers and administrators. She is excited to be given the chance to work with teachers as they think deeply about ways to provide truly powerful math instruction. She believes that everyone can be a “Math Person” and works to support teachers and students as they develop positive math identities.


Cathy S.
is a consultant and math coach with a passion to help students enjoy learning! She works with teachers, administrators, and students throughout the state of Illinois to improve math education. She has taught high school, middle school, and elementary school. Her varied experiences include gifted and technology coordinator, curriculum director, regional office of education PD coordinator and provider, and adjunct faculty for two universities. These positions have provided a wealth of learning opportunities including a two-year math and science leadership training with West Ed, developing state level PD materials, and math trainings with the Education Development Center. She earned a B.S. in Education from the University of Illinois and M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction from Indiana Wesleyan University. Cathy enjoys supporting educators and students, as well as learning with them!


Angie S. has been sharing her love of learning and teaching math for 30 years. After teaching grade 3 and grade 7–8 math for 20 years, she left the classroom to begin supporting teachers in their journey to improve math learning for students. She has a BA in Elementary Education and a MA in Middle Grades Mathematics Teaching. She was a 2001 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. She is a board member for the Iowa CTM and a member of NCSM and NCTM. She currently works as a math consultant with K–8 teachers. She is passionate about supporting teachers in deepening their understanding of math and bringing excitement into their instruction to reach students. When not spreading her passion for math, she and her husband enjoy traveling and attending concerts of their favorite bands.


Chasity G.
has been a middle grades math teacher since 2011. She has taught all middle grades, but has a particular love for grade 7 math and Algebra 1. She is currently teaching IM to her seventh graders and loving it! Chasity has spent the last three years working with teachers of all content using technology tools and proper techniques to transition classes into the new wave of education. Chasity graduated with a B.A. in Accounting and an M.Ed. in Middle Grades Math from University of Louisville. She is the Vice President of Middle Grades for the Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics, a Core Advocate, and also very active on Twitter. In her free time, Chastity loves to hike her way through national parks, take road trips, eat at locally owned restaurants, and cheer on U of L athletics!


Greta A. has been teaching middle school mathematics in New Orleans, Louisiana since 2005 and has a Master’s of Education in Instructional Leadership in Mathematics. She spent the majority of her time with FirstLine Schools where she spent her final three years serving as the Director of Mathematics. Greta has also been working on the Illustrative Mathematics team since 2012 and is an alumna of Park City Mathematics Institute. She now works as a math consultant. She embraces a growth mindset for her own professional learning and loves helping spread a growth mindset-based approach to mathematics with teachers and students.


Robin C.
is a Math Curriculum Coordinator for DeSoto Parish Schools in Louisiana where she develops and provides professional learning opportunities for K–12 math teachers in her district. She works on alignment of mathematical standards in all grades and provides feedback and support for teachers and administrators. Prior to that, she spent eight years as a TAP Master Teacher, focusing on math teacher support in grades 6–12. Her love of mathematics and student success began in the classroom teaching a combination of grade 8 math, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and advanced math. Robin has a B.S. in Secondary Education from Louisiana Tech University with certifications in 6–12 mathematics and business education.


Sarah C. has been a teacher for sixteen years. She spent the first six of those years living on an island off the coast of Maine and teaching in a K–8 one room schoolhouse. Then, Sarah taught grade 4 for four years. She has been in her current position as K–12 district math coach/coordinator for seven years. Sarah graduated with a B.A. in English from Hofstra University and an M.Ed. from Antioch New England Graduate School. She has a certificate of Math Leadership from University of Maine, Farmington.


Nancy J.
has been a passionate mathematics educator for over forty years. Nancy has a B.A. in Mathematics from Skidmore College and a M.A. in Mathematics from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. She first began teaching mathematics at the 9–12 level and then became the mathematics director/curriculum coordinator at the 7–12 grade level. Although retired from public school teaching, Nancy now works as a consultant for school districts and facilitates professional learning workshops focusing on the growth mindset, curiosity as the fuel for motivation, problem based learning, and integrating technology as a tool for learning. She has served on committees for the state of Massachusetts including the Assessment Development Committee and the MA Frameworks Committee. She is currently the Past President of the Association of Teachers of Math in Massachusetts and was a state finalist for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Nancy has a history of mathematics presentations at the national, state, regional, and district level and firmly believes in life-long learning and the importance of learning from our mistakes.


Jenna L. is currently a math specialist at the Driscoll School (K–8) in Brookline, MA. Students inspire her. She also enjoys working with pre-service and in-service teachers to develop content knowledge, pedagogical strategies, and infinite curiosity for mathematical thinking and learning. She blogs www.jennalaib.wordpress.com as a way to process her experiences in the classroom. Jenna is the 2016 recipient of the Harry S. Levitan Prize for Educational Leadership from Brandeis University.


Danielle S. has served, for over 20 years, in mathematics education at the local, state, and national levels. She is dedicated to supporting educators in ensuring equitable systems and practices to provide high-quality mathematics education for all students. She started her career in mathematics education as a high school Math and Physics teacher in Kalamazoo, MI. She grew into a leadership role at the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin before returning to Kalamazoo, MI. Today, she continues to love working with teachers to engage each student in rich discussions and sense-making to help support them to become flexible, powerful doers of mathematics.


Kristine H. is a K-12 mathematics education consultant for Macomb County. She services 21 local school districts in curriculum development and professional learning. She has been serving in mathematics education for 25 years. She began her profession teaching high school mathematics in Utica Community Schools where she also served as the Math System Wide Co-Chair for Secondary Mathematics. She develops and facilitates professional learning for educators in any capacity that advances STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education at local, county and state levels. She is passionate about uniting teachers vertically, across grade levels and across all content areas. Her goal is to provide long-term and ongoing change in classroom instructional strategies that raise student achievement.


Sara V.
is a National Board Certified Teacher who taught middle and high school mathematics for Minneapolis Public Schools for 26 years, with 5 years leading K–12 mathematics for the large urban district. Currently, Sara consults with schools and districts around the United States on topics connected to English language learners, engagement and discourse strategies, and teaching student reasoning as students engage in the concepts and big ideas of mathematics. Outside of her work with teachers and leaders, Sara is involved in state and national math teacher councils and engages daily with the online community of teachers. Sara frequently writes about mathematics teaching. Her current passions in teaching are incorporating movement into the mathematics classroom and developing positive student mathematical identities.


Liza B., Ph.D
is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics and the Program Coordinator for the Secondary Mathematics program at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS. Her research focuses on the beliefs, practices, and tools that contribute to mathematics teacher effectiveness and large-scale data analysis. Liza is the President of the Mississippi Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators professional organization. She has written and edited curricular materials for Illustrative Mathematics, CK-12, and LearnZillion. She also has experience facilitating professional learning with the Math Science Partnership, Learnzillion, Illustrative Mathematics, and Math Teachers’ Circles. Liza has published two articles in NCTM
Mathematics Teacher and regularly presents at NCTM conferences. Liza was the recipient of the John Wiley & Sons 2018 Best Overall Course Award (Higher Education). Outside of her professional work, Liza enjoys spending quality time with her family, crafting, and exercising.


Lei-Anna B.
has been an educator for the past 29 years. Nineteen of those years were spent as a classroom teacher at the elementary, middle school, and university level. She holds degrees from Santa Clara University (Multidisciplinary Studies), San Jose State University (K–8 teaching), and Montana State University (Master of Mathematics Education). In addition to teaching, Lei-Anna has been involved with diverse adventures in mathematics from starting a tutoring business for high school students, creating the Math in Motion summer programs for grades K–8, and re-writing the precalculus program for the Traveling School. She is passionate about projects that help teachers and school systems create systemic change. She has been a facilitator and specialist for numerous projects—from California to Montana to South Carolina—that support teachers in their implementation of standards-based mathematics programs. She is excited about the work with IM and making connections with teachers everywhere.


Lisa S. holds a Master of Science degree in Mathematics Education and K-12 Principal Endorsement from Montana State University. She has served as Curriculum and Assessment Director and Mathematics Coach for Billings Public Schools. She also taught high school and middle school mathematics for over fifteen years. Lisa is currently a middle school mathematics teacher at Lewis & Clark Middle School, the STREAM Project Manager and a mathematics education consultant. She has provided professional development in mathematics, assessment and other topics to educators in Montana and nationally over the past twenty years. Lisa served as President of the Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics, on the Affiliate Services Committee of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and on the board of directors for the National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics. Lisa earned the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching in 2002.

New Mexico

Brandon S.
is a content specialist for grades 6–12 mathematics in the Las Cruces Public School district. Prior to his work as a content specialist, he taught high school mathematics for eight years. He has worked with students of all levels. Brandon also has worked with facilitating adult learning and professional development through Mathematically Connected Communities partnered with New Mexico State University. Brandon has a passion for quality mathematics instruction, helping develop lifelong learners, and making mathematics tasks that are rigorous while still accessible. He is excited to work with IM because he believes in its capacity to transform learners of mathematics.


Michelle S.
is a secondary mathematics specialist with Mathematically Connected Communities at New Mexico State University. Prior to a focus in teacher professional learning, Michelle taught middle school Mathematics and currently teaches at a charter high school to support both core and intervention curriculum. She is a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Adolescence/Mathematics with 20 years of experience supporting mathematical discourse and conceptual sense making in the classroom.


Dr. Amy W. currently consults with teachers and districts as they work to improve their mathematics instruction. She was the founding Director of Mathematics Reviews for EdReports.org. Prior to that, Amy was a regional PD provider and enjoyed 18 years as a K-8 classroom teacher. For her Educational Doctorate, her research focused on differentiating professional learning for teachers of mathematics in order to meet the needs of the teachers she serves.

New York

Andrew G. has worked in education for over ten years and as an educator of students with disabilities for the last seven. He was born and raised in New York City, receiving his Master’s in Education from Brooklyn College. Andrew now teaches math at the Cooke Center Academy, a school for students with developmental, learning, and physical disabilities on Manhattan’s lower west side. He has spoken nationally to advocate for equitable access to the highest quality math instruction for the typically under-served student population of students with disabilities. He writes about the intersection of math education, special education, and disability rights on his blog, The Learning Kaleidoscope.


Marcelle G. has taught secondary math in New York City since 2008. She currently teaches at a small, progressive K–8 school in Brooklyn, teaching grade 7 math and Algebra 1. Throughout her career she has focused on using structured routines to bring students who don’t identify as “math people” into the fold, and finding ways to structure her classes so that students who struggle can access grade-level content. She has been a part of Math for America since she began teaching, most recently as an MfA Renewal Master Teacher.


Atiya H.
is a middle school principal at a charter school in New York City where she coaches teachers, tutors, and instructional leaders. Prior to that, Atiya taught middle school math for seven years in Philadelphia before moving into a leadership role as Director of Curriculum and Instruction for grades 6–8. Atiya has also served as Assistant Principal and Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a turnaround middle school in Trenton, NJ where she focused on math education in grades 4–8. Her love of mathematics with a specific focus in urban education began will she was a founding member of Philadelphia Teaching Fellows. Atiya has deepened her love and appreciation for mathematics while serving on the state of New Jersey Common Core Standards revision in the fall of 2015. Atiya holds an advanced master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in Public School Leadership, a master’s in education from the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor’s from The Pennsylvania State University.


Demetria M.
is an educator whose teaching experiences include working with adolescents over 20 years in both middle and high school mathematics classrooms of New York City. She has earned her B.S. in Philosophy and Economics at Howard University, her M.Ed. in Interdisciplinary Studies at Cambridge College and is working toward her Ed.D in Adult Education at Grand Canyon University. Demetria’s mission is to empower teachers to inspire their students’ critical thinking skills development. She enjoys travel, spending quality time with friends and family and puzzling.

North Carolina

Sheila B. has benefited from her 42 years of experience teaching students in both middle and high school, collaborating with teachers as an instructional coach, and facilitating professional development for teachers locally and in other districts and states. She is an active member of North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics serving as Secondary Vice-President for the Western Region, Conference Program Co-chair and State Vice President for Middle School. Some of professional accomplishments include attaining NBPTS certification, being chosen as a member of NC Teacher Leadership Network, being a lead teacher for the ARMS Project, participating as a Trainer for NC Teacher Academy and facilitating for the MELT program at ASU. Although retired, she considers herself a life-long learner and continues to be actively involved in mathematics education.


Portia G. has served as a passionate educator and lover of mathematics education for more than 23 years. During this time, she has had the privilege of teaching mathematics at both middle and high school levels, serving as school-based administrator, and statewide instructional coach for secondary mathematics teachers. Each of these experiences has help shape her advocacy for helping all, especially those in impoverished communities, to develop a love for mathematics. She is dedicated to helping create better educational opportunities that will help guide teachers and students in achieving their goals. She holds a Ed. D. in Educational Leadership from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and a B.S. in Mathematics Teaching from Clemson University.


Kim M.
recently retired from Brunswick County Schools in NC as an instructional math coach and is currently teaching 7th grade math in Dillon, SC. She has a B.S. in Special Education from Winthrop University and a M.S.A. in School Administration from UNC at Pembroke. Her passions include exploring the IM curriculum with students and teachers and improving her craft through lesson study cycles.


Mary S.
is a passionate educator who strives to continually advance the teaching profession. She is currently serving as an instructional coach in Charlotte, North Carolina. Mary received her B.S. in Elementary Education from East Carolina University and her master’s degree in Curriculum and Supervision from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In addition, she is a National Board Certified Teacher as a Middle Childhood Generalist. She has 24 years of experience in education serving as a teacher, coach, and professional development facilitator. Mary has served local districts across the state of North Carolina providing professional development around the learning and teaching of mathematics.
Her primary goal is making mathematics accessible to all learners.


Jenni T.
currently resides in Charlotte, NC where she works as a Math Facilitator for Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools. Her 12 years of experience teaching middle school math and coaching teachers in Charlotte has allowed her to work with a diverse group of students from across the county on learning and discovering mathematics. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Education and a Master’s in Educational Technology. She is a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Adolescence/Mathematics. Working in a local school has been a great opportunity for her to see the IM curriculum in action and learn how to best support teachers in developing their process.


Kaneka T. is learning enthusiast! Her greatest joy is coming to understand and residing in the space where confusion meets clarity. She designs and facilitates professional learning experiences for local school districts across North Carolina. She served Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for the past 18 years as a classroom teacher, building math coach, Title I math specialist and district math specialist, before leaving to work independently as a math consultant. She has a passion for broadening the community of math learners to include the most unexpected and often rejected. She is pursuing this passion by teaching masters courses as a visiting instructor for Mount Holyoke’s Master of Arts in Math Teaching program, facilitating Investigations Workshops for Terc and facilitating DMI workshops for local districts in need.


Jennifer W. a Core Advocate and National Board Certified Teacher, taught and learned mathematics with high school students and teachers for 25 years in Jackson, Mississippi. She enjoys learning alongside the Illustrative Mathematics community, and she is a 2011 recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Jennifer blogs at both Easing the Hurry Syndrome and Slow Math Movement.


David P. is currently a Curriculum Writing Team Lead for Illustrative Mathematics, writing and editing materials for the Middle School curriculum. David taught high school mathematics in Tennessee and Missouri for 10 years prior to joining IM. David has a masters degree in mathematics from Vanderbilt University and can be found tweeting @calcdave with other teachers about classroom activities and general topics.


Jean U. (BS, M.Ed.)
is a seasoned professional with extensive knowledge of K–8 mathematics pedagogy. She is the former Assistant Director for the
iDiscovery Program (Miami University, OH) which provided virtual support for district-based STEM professional development initiatives. She has 34 years of teaching experience, primarily in the Mayfield City School District in Cuyahoga County. Her leadership roles included Teacher Leader at building and district levels, curriculum developer for specialized mathematics instruction, innovator in the areas of lesson design and assessment, proficient user of technology for personal productivity and authentic instruction, and collaborator, moderator and facilitator in the design and delivery of district-wide targeted professional development. She holds Ohio’s Master Teacher designation. Her awards include the Greater Cleveland Council of Teachers of Mathematics Math Educator Award 2014 and the Ohio Middle Level Association Regional Award 2010. She has received the Mayfield City Schools Excellence Award 19 times.


Tricia B. teaches math content courses for pre-service elementary teachers and provides professional learning to K–12 math teachers in her role as the K-12 Outreach Specialist for the Mathematics Department at the University of Oregon. She has been involved with efforts to promote coherence in math education over the past 15 years, consulting on projects such as Standards For Success, Smarter Balanced Digital Library, and review of Khan Academy CCSSM items. She is a member of the UO’s Teaching Academy and a participant in the Summer Institutes for Scientific Teaching to improve implementation of best pedagogical practices in her own teaching. With a rocky start in elementary math that eventually led to a Masters in Mathematics from the University of Oregon, Tricia is passionate about supporting teachers in discovering the wonder and power of mathematics for themselves and their students.


Dan I. is an Associate Professor of Mathematics Education and coordinator for the Secondary Education program at West Chester University. He began his teaching career as a NJ public school teacher in middle and high school before becoming a mathematics supervisor. Dan earned his B.A. in Mathematics from Drew University, M.S. in Mathematics and Ph.D. in Education from Rutgers University. In his spare time, he is T3 National Instructor, Facilitator of Professional Learning for Illustrative Mathematics, and a math coach. He is passionate about mathematics teaching and learning and enjoys working with teachers to provide the best learning experience for students.


Sallie K. recently retired after 24 years of math teaching in the Fox Chapel Area School District. She taught 7th grade math for 9 years and served 15 years as the district’s K-8 Mathematics Coach. In that position she coordinated the consistent implementation of the district’s K-8 math program by supporting the teachers through professional learning sessions, co-planning, and co-teaching. Sallie was excited by the increase in joy in math learning that teachers and students shared with her. She is an Army veteran and a graduate of The University of Texas at El Paso with a B.S. in Elementary Education with a concentration in mathematics. She holds a Master’s Degree from Walden University in Elementary Reading and Mathematics.

Rhode Island

Chris C.
is a former district mathematics administrator, instructional coach, and teacher that is dedicated to mathematics instruction. Chris has taught secondary mathematics and professional development in core, intervention, and diagnostic K–12 mathematics to many school districts and teachers over the past 20 years. Along with providing professional development to K–12 math teachers, Chris has also implemented the Common Core State Standards for mathematics in two districts as well as created the training materials for the unpacking of the standards for the state of Wisconsin. Currently, Chris is one of the Mathematics Specialists for the Rhode Island Department of Education.

South Carolina

Patti D., a National Board Certified Teacher since 2002, is a learner and leader who seeks to spark curiosity for joyful, deep learning. After 33 years as a public school teacher, instructional coach, and curriculum specialist in high-poverty schools, she is now a Cognitive Coaching trainer with Thinking Collaborative and a consultant for mathematics learning in grades K–12. She worked with a statewide NSF Systemic Initiative to change math and science education in South Carolina, served on the SC Leaders of Mathematics Education board, reviewed federal grants, and developed pilot items for state assessments. Patti co-wrote and managed a five-year federal Math Science Partnership (MSP) grant which increased mathematics, science, and special education teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge. With teaching and coaching experiences at elementary, middle, high school, and post-secondary levels, Patti desires to nurture learning spaces that develop curious, compassionate, and confident thinkers and problem solvers.

South Dakota

Bailey K.
is a mathematics educator and learning specialist from Rapid City, SD. She previously worked as a middle school math teacher for 10 years before becoming a K–12 mathematics coach and technology and educational specialist. For the past six years, she provided educational trainings and math coaching throughout South Dakota while working for a local educational training cooperative. Bailey earned her B.A. from California State University at San Marcos, and her M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis on secondary mathematics from Black Hills State University. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Education Administration from South Dakota State University with her thesis work on American Indian ethnomathematics. Bailey is excited to have joined the Illustrative Mathematics team of facilitators and looks forward to making many new connections with teachers, schools, and districts across the United States.


Lizzy S.
currently resides in Dallas, Texas, where she writes curriculum for Illustrative Mathematics. She has experience teaching middle school, high school, and collegiate mathematics. Her focus is on helping underperforming students succeed. She is passionate about building a robust understanding of mathematics for students at every age and level. She is completing a master’s degree in mathematics, with an emphasis on cognitive psychology, at Texas Woman’s University. She also teaches her five children, ranging in age from 1 to 12, how to be productive members of society. In her free time, she competes in Taekwondo tournaments and is currently ranked in the top 10 of the state.


Jeff C. currently works full time supporting IM Certified Professional Learning Facilitators. Since the early 90s, he has dedicated himself to serving students and educators. He taught in the classroom for over 20 years at university and high school levels before moving to full time educator support. Throughout his career, Jeff has continually sought out opportunities to serve the mathematical community on projects with groups like Washington State, EdReports, and Student Achievement Partners. His passion for quality instruction and materials inspires him to continue growing personally in order to bring the love of learning mathematics to communities everywhere.


Amy H.
is a National Board Certified Teacher in Adolescent and Young Adulthood/Mathematics who currently teaches high school math in Washington. She has lead professional learning for her schools, district, and region at the Northwest Math Conference. Amy loves to learn and is passionate about growing professionally, working with teachers to implement best teaching practices that reflect current research, and engaging all students in meaningful learning in order to foster a love for mathematics.


Shari H. is a curriculum and instructional support specialist for K–6 mathematics in the Mead School District. With over 25 years in education, she has had many roles supporting mathematics education at all levels—as a classroom teacher, a gifted specialist, an interventionist, an adjunct professor, and a professional development provider. She has worked with her state and The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium on the development of mathematics assessment items and performance tasks, as well as screening items for the Smarter Balanced Digital Library. She has been a Washington State Math Fellow for the last five years. She loves working to support teachers in her district as well as her region to develop a passion for teaching mathematics.


Collette H.
, a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Adolescence/Mathematics, has spent over 30 years sharing her love of math in and out of the classroom. Prior to her work as a secondary math specialist, she taught high school mathematics, served as a middle school math coach and provided district professional development K–12. Collette is passionate about supporting teachers in providing mathematics instruction that is accessible, challenging, and engaging. She participates regionally as a Math Fellow and is a member of NCSM and NCTM. Additionally, she facilitates a National Board cohort providing support to candidates in all certification areas.


David P.
is passionate about equitable mathematics education for all learners. David has a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Washington and a M.Ed. in Secondary Mathematics Education from Eastern Washington University. David has taught both middle and high school mathematics and is a National Board Certified Teacher in Adolescence and Young Adulthood/Mathematics. David has also served as a state instructional coach for identified schools of improvement in Washington state. He is currently a secondary mathematics specialist leading professional development and developing coherent 6–12 mathematics instruction with a focus on bringing the standards for mathematical practice to life and developing these habits for all students.


Melissa S.
was a classroom teacher teaching math and physics at independent high schools for three years before joining IM. Before that she taught a college course in logic and reasoning. She has degrees in electrical engineering and philosophy, and a master’s degree in teacher leadership. She is on the high school curriculum writing team, focusing on Algebra 2. She wants to help teachers use the IM curriculum and to understand how to make the curriculum work better for teachers.


Sara B. is a secondary math specialist at the Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin where she develops and provides professional learning opportunities for middle and high school math teachers. Prior to joining the Mathematics Institute in 2014, she spent 15 years in rural, urban, and suburban high schools as a classroom teacher, department leader, and interventionist and earned her National Board Teaching Certification in 2012. She holds a M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Mathematics Leadership from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and serves as a director for the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Statistical Association.


Eric K.
is a K–8 Math Specialist at the Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin where he develops and provides professional learning opportunities for elementary and middle school
math teachers throughout the state of Wisconsin. Prior to that, he spent 13 years as an elementary classroom teacher and three years as a district Math/Instructional Coach. Eric holds a B.S. in Elementary/Middle Education from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and a M.S. in Educational Leadership from Cardinal Stritch University.