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IM Certified Facilitators

Meet the IM Facilitators

Alaska  •  Alabama  •   Arkansas  •  California   •  Colorado   •  Connecticut   •  Delaware   •  District of Columbia   •  Georgia •  Illinois  •  Indiana. •  Iowa  •  Kentucky  •  Louisiana  •  Maine  •  Maryland  •  Massachusetts  •  Michigan  •  Minnesota •  MississippiMissouri •   Montana  •  Nevada   •  New Hampshire •  New Jersey. •  New Mexico  •  New York.  •  North Carolina  •  Ohio  •  Oklahoma •  Oregon  •  Pennsylvania  •  Rhode Island  •  South Carolina  •  South Dakota  •  Tennessee  •  Texas  •  Virginia  •  Washington  •  Wisconsin


Dr. Neeraj (Nick) S.
has been an educator for over 15 years. He started his teaching career in Alaska, where he received his Masters of Arts and Teaching from the University of Alaska-Anchorage. A National Board Certified Teacher, a former teacher of the year, network math coach, and Assistant Principal, Nick has taught everything from grade 1 math to Calculus. Dr. Satyal received his doctorate from Loyola Marymount University in 2014 and wrote a dissertation on how grade 5 teaching affects grade 8 math achievement. He has helped support multiple schools in transforming their math department from both a qualitative lens and as measured by state test scores. Dr. Satyal believes math education is a social justice issue where kids need mathematics to be full participants in a democracy. Dr. Satyal was a former college baseball player who still plays competitively and enjoys spending time with his wife and newborn daughter.


Becca P. has been tutoring and teaching math for more than half her life! As a National Board Certified Teacher and Huntsville City Schools Secondary Teacher of the Year (2018), she believes that all students can learn math and should be given access to high-quality instruction and curriculum. Currently, a stay-at-home parent, Becca is excited to be able to work with IM to forward their mission and so that she can stay current in the Math Ed world. . . and because she just loves doing math with kids.


Jeanne S. began teaching middle school mathematics in Ringgold, Georgia, then moved to Decatur, Alabama where she taught middle and high school before becoming a Secondary Math Specialist for the Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative. She holds National Board Certification in Early Adolescent Mathematics, and she has master’s degrees in Integrating Classroom Technology and in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. She was part of Alabama’s team to plan and provide professional learning across the state when the Common Core was adopted. Jeanne believes that all students can learn mathematics at high levels given the proper access and support, and she is passionate about giving teachers the tools and support they need to make this happen in their classrooms. She and her husband have three children who have grown up too quickly, and she loves to read, crochet, and run.


Judy D. began her mathematics education journey as a secondary teacher in Charleston, Arkansas. She enjoyed serving middle and high school students for 9 years as a classroom teacher before transitioning into teacher support. She served 8 years in K–12 professional development and classroom support as a state mathematics specialist and as the state’s high school lead specialist. She enjoys collaborating with other passionate educators, discovering new ways to “see” mathematics, and learning new ways to support learners. She is starting her first year as a district mathematics specialist, is President-Elect of the NCTM affiliate, Arkansas Council for Teachers of Mathematics, and initiated a state-wide online community for instructional facilitators to learn together. Judy enjoys being an IM-Certified trainer because the curriculum and training empower teachers to provide engaging instruction that invites all mathematics learners to know, do, and enjoy mathematics.


Tonia C. taught mathematics at Cabot High School for 15 years and coached the math competition team for 10 before moving to Fayetteville. Since arriving, she has taken on creating a math competition team for Fayetteville High School; her teams have numerous wins at the regional, state, and national level. Tonia served as the Mathematics Specialist for Northwest Arkansas and is now teaching college algebra for the University of Arkansas. Most recently, she formed the Arkansas affiliate of Mu Alpha Theta and will be hosting the Natural State High School Mathematics Convention in April 2020. Tonia knows that enthusiastic educators equipped with student-centered/task-based curriculum and teaching routines are effective and can change the world. Every student, in every classroom, deserves a high-quality education and this is why she is passionate about Illustrative Mathematics!



Angela B.
began her career in math education as a young math tutor for the University of California, Riverside Learning Center back in the year 2000. Almost twenty years later, she has taught nearly everything from grade 6 through community college and now supports secondary classroom teachers and students as a Math TOSA and instructional coach in a small district in Southern California. In 2009, she earned a master’s degree in mathematics with an emphasis in math education from the University of Montana, where she deepened her theoretical understanding of how people learn mathematics.  Angela believes that the role of sense-making and connecting ideas is central to how people learn and strives to embed this in all of her professional work. When she’s not working, Angela enjoys quality time with her husband and 6-year old son learning all about Godzilla and T-Rex while playing old school console video games.


Since joining SCCOE, Ma Bernadette A. has been to K–12 classroom teaching, coaching teachers, and providing professional learning for teachers, site and district administrators, and parents. She continues to “walk the talk” by being in the classrooms doing lesson demonstrations embedding English language development (ELD) standards and strategies for English language learners and students with disabilities. Her expertise also includes curriculum development that fosters a growth mindset through the lens of culturally responsive pedagogy and social justice. She developed summer school curricula for grades 8 and 9 through the ELEVATE math program of the Silicon Valley Education Foundation. The curricula highlight lessons and strategies that promote student agency and identity. Included in the lessons are a variety of activities that support academic language acquisition, critical abilities from CCSS-Math—that is, communication in many forms, collaboration and interpersonal interaction, use of technology, modeling, design, problem-solving, and formative assessment.


Chase O. has worked in math education for 20 years with 12 years of experience in the high school math classroom. He is currently self-employed working with teachers around the country as a coach, collaborator, and consultant. He is especially passionate about using lesson study to foster high-quality and equitable math instruction in the classroom. He believes that math teaching and student learning can only improve if we practice our instructional craft together in the classroom. Chase thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail and when he’s not geeking out about math, he still loves to find joy and peace in the mountains.


Courtney O.
is a National Board Certified Teacher and taught math and science in middle schools and high schools across the Bay Area before transitioning to district leadership. She is currently the Secondary Math Coordinator for Oakland Unified School District in California. Courtney has developed professional learning systems grounded in lesson study, the TRU math framework, and site-based content coaching. She believes that lesson study is an essential collaborative structure that empowers teams of teachers, of all experience levels, to engage in an inquiry that puts the focus back onto students. Outside of her work in education, Courtney enjoys dancing, reading, and spending time with her husband and son.


Craig S. has taught high school mathematics in California and Colorado and currently works as a district-level mathematics specialist supporting preK–12 educators through PLCs and individual coaching. In addition to being a Certified Facilitator, Craig works with Illustrative Mathematics as a designer of professional learning focused on Mathematical Language Routines and a curriculum writer of instructional supports for English language learners. While earning a Ph.D. in Instruction and Curriculum, Craig developed, facilitated, and researched professional learning experiences through various university NSF grants and K–12 district partnerships. During his post-doctoral work at the Center of Mathematics Education of Latinos/as, Craig’s commitment to promoting access and equity through mathematical language development flourished and continues to guide his work today. Outside of his professional work, Craig spends quality time with his family gardening, playing baseball, and beekeeping.


Debbie W.
began her teaching career 30 years ago as a middle school math teacher, eventually moving up to teach high school, and later leaving the classroom to become an instructional coach.  She currently works as a Math Coordinator for San Joaquin County Office of Education supporting teachers with professional learning opportunities, lesson study, and instructional coaching. At the end of every school year, she scores Smarter Balanced Performance Tasks for CAASPP. Debbie has a passion for problem-solving and fostering a love of mathematics. She co-founded the San Joaquin Math Teachers’ Circle to help teachers become better problem solvers and enjoys facilitating county-wide math tournaments for middle school students.  In her free time, she loves reading novels, kayaking down rivers, hanging out at the beach, and spending time with her husband, daughter, and son.


Jean D.
began her career in education as a dance instructor in San Diego, CA, and has continued to teach dance for over twenty years. She became a grade 5 classroom teacher at San Diego Cooperative Charter School (SDCCS) in 2014, and she is the SDCCS Math Lead, K–8. Jean received her Masters of Education with a specialization in Teaching Mathematics in September 2019. She has presented at the Greater San Diego Math Council conference and designs and facilitates professional learning at SDCCS. Jean is passionate about providing the space and experiences for all students to construct a deep understanding of mathematics through hands-on experiences and problem-solving. She incorporates movement and music into her math instruction and believes that they provide equity and access for her students. Jean is inspired by her mom, who is a lifelong learner with a zest for life. “Life is good.”


Jeanne R.
began her career as a mathematics teacher in St. Louis, Missouri, but spent most of her time in California, where she became the on-camera teacher and writer for a videotape series called “Video Algebra”. As the former Director of Secondary Mathematics for the Los Angeles Unified School District, she designed and delivered mathematics professional development dealing with curriculum, instruction, and assessment, with emphasis on reaching all students. As a school site administrator, she led high school mathematics teachers in the development of Common Core Curriculum Units that incorporated the 5 Practices of Peg Smith, and the Mathematical Language Routines from Stanford University. Jeanne is very passionate about the need to provide access for all students, including English learners, to high quality, rigorous mathematics. This led her to co-found TODOS: Mathematics for ALL, an NCTM affiliate. In her spare time, Jeanne loves to travel and enjoys outdoor sports.


Janet H.
began her career as a junior high math teacher in Santa Barbara, CA teaching students who were primarily English learners or students from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds.  After over thirty years in education, she is now an instructional support specialist, were she works with teachers as they strive to improve the teaching and learning of mathematics. Janet nurtures school and district communities to aspire to make their schools a place where a student’s academic success is not defined by their family circumstances. It is her belief that in order to do this, teachers need a strong understanding of the mathematics that they teach and pedagogical skills to engage all students on their mathematical journey.  When she is not working, she enjoys hiking in the local mountains of Santa Barbara and traveling to visit her grown children.


Joe H.
​began teaching as a Math for America DC Fellow and later Master Teacher. ​He has extensive experience teaching students from diverse linguistic backgrounds, including students who are newcomers to the US and students with interrupted formal education. Joe believes in finding and elevating the mathematical brilliance of every child and is passionate about helping teachers view all students from a strengths-based framework. He is also committed to his own continued learning and growth and has attended the Teacher Leadership Program at the Park City Mathematics Institute (PCMI), as well as numerous conferences of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Joe can frequently be found learning with other teachers on Twitter using the hashtags #MTBoS (Math-Twitter-Blog-o-Sphere) and #ClearTheAir (a community of educators committed to equity and social justice). 


Kathy M., Ph.D
is an educational consultant and a recently retired Math Education Professor from Sonoma State University with a Ph.D. in Teacher Education from the University of Michigan. With more than 25 years of experience supporting pre- and in-service K–8 teachers, and experience teaching K–6, she has worked as in a variety of roles including professional learning facilitator, university instructor, coach, and lesson study/PLC mentor. She loves working with groups of teachers and teacher leaders to nurture curiosity about student thinking while developing pedagogical reasoning and mathematical content knowledge. She is inspired by powerful math frameworks that have numbers in them, especially the 8 Mathematical Practice Standards, the 5 Practices for Orchestrating Powerful Mathematics Discussions, 5 Classroom Dimensions in Teaching for Robust Understanding (TRU), and NCTM’s 8 Effective Teaching Practices.


Keely M.
has taught mathematics to grades 7-16 and is a middle school math coach for Oakland Unified School District. She has a BS in Mathematics from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Mathematics Education from the University of New Hampshire where her research focused on how novice mathematics teachers understand the Common Core Math Practices. Through coaching, PLCs, and district professional learning, Keely currently supports teachers to enact language routines and practices to engage all learners in math talk. She is passionate about creating opportunities for under-served student populations to have access to powerful mathematics learning.


Gretchen M. began her career in education as a middle school math and science teacher in southern California over 30 years ago. Since then, she has worked as a middle school math and technology teacher, coach, math specialist, and project coordinator districts in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of her accomplishments include developing and coordinating a mathematics performance assessment program across a consortium of 11 districts and supporting the sense-making and implementation of the CCSSM in local districts. Gretchen believes each student should have not only access but also the opportunity to learn challenging and rigorous mathematics. She is currently the executive secretary for the California Mathematics Council, a regional lead for a CA Gear-Up Federal grant, and a presenter for the California Math Festival program. Gretchen likes to spend her free time with her dog, Blue, and her nieces and nephews. She enjoys knitting and traveling.


Libby B. began her career in education as an AVID tutor during her undergraduate studies. She went on to teach high school math for 15 years before leaving the classroom and is now a full-time instructional coach for middle and high school math teachers. She left classroom teaching when she found herself with more questions than answers and completed a Ph.D., focusing on how school culture influences achievement for different subgroups in diverse schools. She continues to pursue equitable access to meaningful learning and educational opportunities. She believes we have an obligation to help each and every student see themselves as competent mathematicians by nurturing individualized sense-making for mathematical ideas. While mathematics is an important artistic outlet for her, her primary artistic work happens in the kitchen.


Satinder S.
began her career as an elementary teacher and works as a Director of Mathematics for the San Joaquin County Office of Education. Over the past 14 years in her current role, she serves teachers and administrators in 14 districts by helping them implement shifts in math education (in mind and action) through best practices, curriculum, tools, and strategies. She designs and facilitates positive professional learning experiences for math teachers, coordinators, coaches, and administrators. Satinder finds joy in helping teachers further expand their math education knowledge and passionately educate others to nurture students’ creativity, curiosity, and confidence in math.  In her free time, Satinder enjoys yoga, walking her dog, learning new things, reading, and traveling.


Sean N., Ph.D.
received the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. He has published multiple books and articles, is a LearnZillion Ambassador, and has presented at over 40 conferences. Sean is a professor at California State University San Marcos and the American College of Education. Sean is an educator, coach, and liaison in Oceanside, CA. He has worked with the US Department of Education, White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, National Science Foundation, California Department of Education, Commission on Teacher Credentialing, and Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium. He was a representative of the USA at ICME-12. Sean is the President and Program Chair of the Greater San Diego Mathematics Council. He consults for various districts at the K–12 level training teachers and administrators. His research agenda includes how teachers negotiate the balance between the procedural, conceptual, and application via technological resources.


Teresa M.
began her 22-year teaching career as a grade 3 teacher in San Bernardino, CA. After getting married, she moved to San Marcos, CA and taught middle school special education, then grade 5 for ten years, and most recently grade 6 math. Since receiving her masters in K–8 mathematics from San Diego State University, Teresa has been serving as a workgroup member for the Mathematics Diagnostic Testing Project (MDTP), a board member for the San Diego NCTM affiliate (GSDMC), and is a recent alumna of Park City Mathematics Institute’s Teacher Leadership Program. Teresa enjoys listening to the variety of ways students think about and make sense of math when problem-solving and believes that all students deserve to have access to high-quality curricula and instruction. When not working, Teresa enjoys relaxing in a rustic mountain cabin or going camping with her family.


Vanessa C. started her journey as an educator, curriculum developer, and workshop facilitator over 20 years ago. She taught high school mathematics in Los Angeles and Orange County before joining her local county office as a math coordinator. She has developed a unique perspective on the problems we face every day, through her work with diverse learning communities: a site with predominantly English language learners in Title I schools, a math and science academy, and an academy grounded in the arts. She currently supports teachers, administrators, and various grade K–12 stakeholders to foster a love for teaching and learning mathematics! Vanessa is never too busy to drop a beat and dance with her husband and kids.


Wilma K.
started her career as a middle school math teacher over 40 years ago. She is currently an educational consultant. Due to her leadership and knowledge of instruction, she has been the catalyst for major changes in classroom practice and beliefs about whether or not students can learn. The highlight of her career was in a small rural district in central Washington state. Under her leadership as Assistant Superintendent, the district was recognized as scoring in the 99th percentile of growth nationwide over 5 years. Her areas of specialty include mathematics, leadership, and literacy. She has worked with several districts in helping them change how they view math instruction to make it accessible and equitable for all students and learn how to create a classroom in which mathematical discourse is a norm. During her spare time, she loves to travel and spend time with her two grandchildren. 


Heather A. is currently in her 20th year of teaching. Teaching has always been a passion in Heather’s life. She has taught grades K–8 and has been teaching grade 7–8 math for the last 8 years. She has two master’s degrees, one in curriculum and instruction and the other in math education. She was named 2018–2019 Teacher of the Year in her school district. She loves helping students find their aha moment in conceptual learning with mathematics. She spends all of her free time being a baseball mom with her two sons.


Jen O.
began her career teaching grades K–5 but after 17 years, Jen decided to take a district math coordinator position supporting grades K–8. She moved back to the classroom, teaching grade 6 for two years, until her most recent role as a math coach in a K–5 school. Outside of her district role, she is active in Colorado’s Council of Teachers of Mathematics as Regional Representative and Conference Chair, facilitates the Add+Vantage Math courses through the Math Recovery Council, and partners with local universities to bring the most up-to-date research in best practices to their district. She considers her efforts to bring more equitable math experiences to all of her students through de-tracking and supporting teachers with rich and growth-minded resources to be the most impactful work of her teaching career. She loves spending time in the mountains with family and friends whenever she has free time.


Julie P.
began her career in education as a middle school math teacher. She went on to be part of a team that opened two new campuses on the South Side of Chicago where she was the math Instructional Coach and then the Principal. She has since moved to Colorado to continue to support school principals and leadership teams in the instructional practices that allow all students to receive the rigorous mathematics instruction that they deserve. She firmly believes that all students can achieve the demand of the standards and that it is our responsibility as educators to provide that for them. In her free time, Julie can usually be found hiking or skiing in the mountains. 


Maura D.
started her career teaching high school in Massachusetts. After six years at Summit Prep in California, she is now nearing a decade of supporting schools around the country as a math coach. Most recently, Maura was instrumental in supporting middle school math teachers in Colorado move their school from the state designation of “priority improvement” to “performance” as well as improve student achievement by 10 points. She is a skilled math coach and professional development leader, focusing on secondary math curriculum, instruction, and data analysis. Maura is an advocate for fostering classrooms that nurture students to be confident math learners. When she is not helping math teachers be their best, Maura enjoys CrossFit, running, cooking, and riding her Dutch-style bucket bike as much as possible.


Kevin L. is currently the K-8 Professional Learning Content Lead for Illustrative Mathematics and Ph. D. student at the University of Connecticut with a focus in Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary Mathematics. He also is the Connecticut Team Leader of the Student Achievement Partners Core Advocate Network. Kevin began his career as a high school math teacher and Secondary Mathematics Curriculum Specialist in Hartford, Connecticut. Kevin’s passion for teaching and learning has also taken him as far as Rwanda, where he works with the Rwanda Teacher Education Program to help design and implement a national teacher training program. In all he does, Kevin is guided by a personal passion for mathematics and a boundless desire to help students and teachers succeed.


Lindsey R.
began her career as a high school teacher in Manchester, CT. During her ten years in the classroom her experience ranges the span from Algebra I to Calculus. Furthermore, she has spent many years working on data-driven decision making teams to analyze student data and develop plans for intervention. Currently, she is an education specialist with the Capitol Region Education Council Resource Group. In this role, Lindsey focuses her work on supporting teachers of secondary mathematics both in and out of the classroom. Some areas of her work focus on instructional coaching and delivering high-quality professional learning. Lindsey continues to be driven by experiences that make students feel empowered by the mathematics that they are learning. When she is not immersed in her work as an educator, Lindsey enjoys spending time with her family and being a mom to four wonderful children.


Robin M.
is currently the Lead Curriculum Renewal Coordinator at EdAdvance, one of Connecticut’s six Regional Educational Service Centers (RESCs). She started her journey 20 years ago as an elementary classroom teacher. Robin’s passion for modeling a growth mindset for students and colleagues as well as an interest in looking for ways to help build an understanding and love of mathematics led her to pursue a position as a math specialist. Over time, she became a K–8 Math Coordinator and then a K–12 STEM Coordinator. She actively participates in multiple organizations such as Core Advocates, Connecticut Council of Leaders of Mathematics, and Associated Teachers of Mathematics in Connecticut. In addition, she loves to share her experiences at various conferences such as ATMNE, NCTM, and NCSM. When not promoting a love for mathematics, Robin enjoys gardening, Zumba, and spending time with her husband, Jared, and children, Evan and Emily.


Kristin G. a National Board Certified 21-year veteran teacher of grades 5, 7, and 8, is currently the Elementary Curriculum lead at Illustrative Mathematics and writer of IM professional learning content. She has served as a curriculum writer on the IM 6–8 Math curriculum and Teaching Channel Laureate. Kristin has developed and facilitated mathematics professional learning at district, state, and national levels and presents annually at both the NCSM and NCTM conference. As a teacher, colleague, presenter, and learner, Kristin continuously shares the value of curiosity around student thinking in her planning and instruction. To reflect on her experiences, she blogs and connects with educators on Twitter, @MathMinds. Kristin has a B.S. in elementary education with a concentration in mathematics from the University of Delaware, a M.Ed. in applied technology in education from Wilmington University and is the 2014 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.


Faith M.
, Ph.D., is a former secondary mathematics and physics teacher in New York City public schools and a school administrator who currently serves as the Senior Associate Director of the Professional Development Center for Educators at the University of Delaware. She has written professional development materials, taught for over a decade in both traditional and non-traditional teacher certification programs, worked as a mathematics coach, a coach for mentor teachers and coaches, and served as project director for the targeted MSPinNYC. She is immersed the coaching of both practicing and prospective teachers in order to identify and explore how to improve teaching and learning. She is passionate about students and teachers working in high-needs schools in urban and rural contexts, particularly from typically underrepresented groups. She dabbles in woodworking and is always looking for a project to develop her carpentry skills.


Paul D.
decided to get into education because he enjoys helping others. He is currently a district mathematics specialist. He has been a member of the Delaware Dream Team as a mathematics educator. He believes that every student is entitled to a high quality mathematics education. Allowing students multiple entry points into a problem provides the opportunity for every student to contribute to the story. In his spare time he enjoys watching baseball, going to the beach, and spending time with his family.

District of Columbia

Lauren L. is a grade 7 and 8 math teacher at Saint Patrick’s Episcopal Day School in DC. Before joining St Patrick’s, she was a grade 6 math teacher at Sidwell Friends School for 12 years. Lauren worked for the Algebra Project in Cambridge, MA throughout high school and college; her time as a math literacy worker and Co-Director of the Math Institute influences her work to this day. Lauren graduated from the Master of Arts in Mathematics Teaching and Leadership at Mount Holyoke in 2016. She returns in the summers as a visiting professor to teach the DMI courses. Lauren also holds a M.Ed. from Lesley University through a joint partnership with Shady Hill School’s Teacher Training Course and a B.A. from Emory University. When Lauren is not teaching and learning, she enjoys hot yoga, books on tape, and spending time with her husband and their two sons.


Ashley P.
, a recovering traditionalist, began her career in education as a middle school mathematics teacher in Columbus, GA. Guided by a core belief that all learners can achieve at high levels, Ashley serves as a K–12 instructional coach, where she develops and facilitates professional learning in the Cobb County School District. During her tenure as an educator she has served on the 6th grade teacher working committee to revise the common core state standards for Georgia and in 2019 was selected by State Schools Superintendent and Governor of Georgia to serve as 5th grade team lead for the 2020 Georgia standards revision team. Ashley enjoys curating problems for Robert Kaplinsky and Nannette Johnson’s Open Middle website, traveling, and being with friends and family.


Belinda T. 
began her career in education as a middle school math teacher. She has been a teacher of grades 5–9 in Kentucky, California, and North Carolina, an instructional coach in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington DC, and a virtual coach for math teachers in New York City. Over Belinda’s 25 years in education she has also spent time as a researcher, professional development writer and leader, and curriculum writer. Attaining National Board Certification in Early Adolescence/Mathematics sparked a career-long interest in learning from student responses to rich tasks, as well as the power of video in reflecting on one’s teaching practice. She is fascinated by the challenges of teaching and learning fractions and algebraic reasoning, and embraces opportunities to learn with and from teachers and students. A fun fact about Belinda is that she once appeared on the Tonight Show reciting the alphabet backwards in under four seconds.


LaToya B.
 began her career in education as a middle school math teacher in Decatur, GA. Currently, she is a District Academic Coach specializing in mathematics at the elementary level. Through coaching, PLCs, and district professional learning, she supports educators who are “doing” mathematics. She has had the pleasure of working with the Georgia Department of Education, reviewing state standards, test development, and data review. LaToya believes that culturally responsive teaching combined with fun, number sense, and conceptual understandings leads to learning for all students. In her free time, she loves to color, play sudoku, travel, and spend time with her son and husband.


Linda S.
 began her career as a middle school math, algebra, and programming teacher and has been teacher of the year in two districts, a Georgia Roundtable Math/Science awardee, district-level instructional coach, curriculum specialist, and K–12 math coordinator. She also has developed DOE professional learning, authored CCSSM units, completed the Dana Center Urban Mathematics Leadership Academy, worked alongside the Inside Mathematics team, served national teams such as Achieve EQuIP and LearnZillion, won and managed a six-figure formative assessment professional learning grant, and worked on the initial math curriculum review tool for EdReports. Linda’s passion is social justice and collaborating with educators to ensure that every student has equitable access to the rigorous expectations, aligned content, and engaging instruction that lead to lifelong enjoyment of mathematics. When she is not consulting to support educators, Linda enjoys her chihuahuas, kayaking, and volunteering at Zoo Atlanta.


Moniquea W.
began her career in education as an elementary school teacher in Austell, GA. After 10 years in education, she transitioned out of the classroom and now supports K–5 teachers in math as an elementary-level academic coach. Throughout her 14 years in education, she has facilitated professional learning sessions in math both domestically as well as internationally while working in the United Arab Emirate of Abu Dhabi. She has also recently authored a children’s book. Moniquea has a passion for ensuring all students receive high-quality and effective mathematics instruction regardless of their zip code. In her leisure time, Moniquea enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading, and traveling the world. 


Alanna M. began teaching in Chicago Public Schools in the 1990s. Her students learned that math is beautiful and makes sense! After 20 years, she left the classroom to support educators as they grappled with the increased rigor and conceptual understanding required by the Common Core in her role of State Math Specialist. Now at the STEM Center at DePaul University, she works closely with the CPS Department of STEM to support the vision of high-quality math education for all students by providing professional learning opportunities for teachers and district leaders. She is excited to be given the chance to work with educators as they think deeply about ways to provide truly powerful math instruction. She believes that everyone is a math person and works to support teachers and students as they develop positive math identities. She finds joy in connecting with people and places around the world.


Annie F. was a classroom teacher for 12 years, instructional coach for 2 years, and now serves as a K–8 district math and coaching coordinator. She is president of the Illinois Council of Teachers of Mathematics (ICTM) and a Desmos Fellow. Annie is passionate about helping teachers and students find joy in math, giving all students an equitable math experience, and using the power of technology to enhance learning. Besides chasing around her two young kids, Annie loves to cook and also knows over 30 digits of pi.


Anita B. is a doctoral candidate in Curriculum and Instruction of Mathematics Education at the University of Illinois Chicago and a middle school mathematics district curriculum coach. She has worked with students and mathematics education for the past 18 years, focusing on middle and high school mathematics and on the academic achievement and positive self-efficacy of urban students in mathematics. She distinguished herself as a professional development leader in the effective use of curricula such as AgileMind and Eureka Mathematics.


Carrie O.
began her career in education as a high school math teacher with Chicago Public Schools. During her time as a mathematics teacher she taught every course from double-period algebra to BC Calculus. Through teaching a variety of students she realized that they all had one common trait, wanting to do well, have fun, and be valued. After moving from the classroom, Carrie developed her craft as an instructional coach where she had the opportunity to support many Chicago teachers in implementing the CCSS content and practice standards. She has designed and implemented professional learning in many contexts and enjoys working with adult learners to create experiences that benefit teachers and students. She believes that all students deserve access to high-quality curriculum and instruction and thus was excited to partner with IM as a content writer and PL provider. When not immersed in her work as an educator, Carrie enjoys spending time with her 9-year-old son and husband, reading chick-lit, running with her puppy, and the summer months in Chicago or chasing the sun throughout the winter! 


Cathy S.
 began her career teaching middle school and currently is a consultant and math coach for several public school districts in Illinois. She served on the state committee to develop and deliver professional development of the Common Core State Standards. Her vast experience and training in mathematics, assessment, and differentiation has been shared with schools and teachers in the Midwest. The greatest accomplishment is when students tell her “You should be a math teacher!” Her passion is to help all students develop their math power, to see mathematics as useful and fun! In her free time, Cathy loves spending time with her grandchildren and riding her horses.


Christy V.
began her career as a middle and high school math teacher in the suburbs of Chicago, IL. Currently she is the Director of Mathematics and Science for grades 6–12 in a large diverse suburban school district. During her time as a high school math department chair she obtained her National Board Certification. Christy is passionate about challenging the traditional thinking that students learn best by watching and memorizing because she believes that every student deserves the opportunity to question, wonder, and analyze tasks that they are presented with in order to make connections on a day to day basis.  When taking a break she enjoys swimming, biking, running and spending time with her family.


Jeff B.
is a teacher educator and educational researcher in central Illinois. Currently a professor of mathematics education at Illinois State University, he is dedicated to building communities of learners and teachers that engage, explore, and enjoy mathematical ideas. Jeff has led teacher workshops for Intel Math and served as co-principal investigator on several NSF-funded research projects to describe learning and improve teaching, including Math Science Partnerships for teaching. As an associate director for a STEM center at ISU, Jeff helps teachers integrate math, science, and technology in creative practices. With over 25 years of teaching experience in middle school, high school, and college classrooms, he enjoys collaborating with teachers to improve mathematical teaching and expand our knowledge of learning. Dr. Barrett’s writing, professional development leadership, and conference presentations express his respect for learning, and his optimism for teaching.


A career changer, Marlene C. began her career in education as a middle school math teacher in Chicago in 2003, after working as an actuarial analyst for many years. She currently works as the Math and Science Team Leader in a suburban school district of Chicago. Her team leader position allows her to provide professional development to teachers, coach teachers, and help students in the classroom. She achieved National Board Certification in 2011. She believes that all students can learn mathematics and is especially talented with working with at-risk students. Marlene is a lifelong learner who works to stay abreast of current research based best practices. When not a work, she loves hanging out with her family.


Melissa H.
began her career in education as an elementary school teacher in 2007. For the past 8 years, she has been teaching grade 5 math and science in a progressive, public school district in Winnetka, IL. Melissa has played an integral role on her district’s math committee.  Her contributions include writing curriculum, developing growth mindset strategies for all grade levels, strengthening differentiation practices, examining student math identity, and integrating inquiry into classroom practices. Melissa has also led professional development sessions on diverse topics such as the power of number talks, co-teaching with special education teachers, and cross-grades content progressions. Throughout her teaching career, Melissa has developed a passion for teaching and learning mathematics with a focus on cultivating a mathematical community where her students are engaged in mathematics by making sense of problems, sharing ideas with one another, and using critical thinking skills. When she is not teaching, Melissa enjoys spending time outdoors with her family.


Karen S.
began her 16-year career in education as an elementary school teacher, earning the Missouri State School Board Outstanding Beginning Teacher award in her second year of teaching. Trained through the Kansas Coaching Project led by Dr. Jim Knight, she served as an instructional coach (K–8) for six years in Kansas City before moving to Indianapolis. After earning an Ed.S in Curriculum and Instruction, Karen is now the Director of Curriculum and Instruction for K–12. Her experience includes designing and facilitating math workshops for K–5 teachers and serving as part of the mathematics assessment item writing and review team for the Indiana Dept. of Education. Karen is an advocate for empowering students and fostering a love of mathematics. She loves supporting teachers in their own mathematical growth to create equitable and engaging math experiences. In her free time, Karen’s interests include travel, running, church activities, golden retrievers, and time with friends.


Angie S. taught both elementary and middle school math and currently serves schools in southwest Iowa as a math consultant. While teaching at Nodaway Valley CSD she participated in a teacher action-research study to analyze instruction and mathematics discourse for a NSF research project with Iowa State University Mathematics Education Department. She contributed a chapter for a major publication for NCTM describing her action-research project. She was also a 2001 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching. Angie believes that high-quality instruction, high-quality materials, and strong relationships are the essential elements for improving instruction so that all students are successful in learning mathematics. When she’s not working, Angie enjoys concerts and traveling. 


Devin D.
began her career in education as a middle school math teacher in Des Moines, IA, teaching ELL students. During her time there, she found her passion for helping students of all backgrounds succeed in the math classroom. She has also helped develop and deliver professional development on aligning math instruction and interventions to the standards as a grade 4 teacher. Most recently, she has worked in her district as an Instructional Coach on creating IEPs that are written around standards and skills to help all students succeed. Devin believes that all students, regardless of their circumstances, deserve high-quality curriculum and instruction from their educators, and has worked closely with her colleagues to help them gain confidence in doing this. When she is not busy in her work as an educator, Devin enjoys coaching her high school dance team, training for marathons, and traveling to Disney World with her family.


Kelly G. began her career as an elementary educator in Sioux City, IA and Eau Claire, WI, where she served as a grade 4 teacher and mathematics instructional coach. Currently, Kelly works as a School Improvement and Math Consultant at Central Rivers Area Education Agency in Cedar Falls, Iowa, where she supports school leadership teams in designing and implementing action plans. She facilitates professional learning based on best practices in mathematics, instructional coaching, school improvement, growth mindset and social-emotional learning. Kelly believes that when environments are created that allow students to create, inquire, and miscue through problem-solving, students are able to gain skills to prepare them for an unpredictable future that extends far beyond just content standards. Though Kelly’s first degree was in Literacy, she quickly learned that her passion for developing the whole child was much better exercised within the mathematics environment. When she is not teaching or considering innovative approaches for empowering learners she enjoys running, kayaking, and biking with her family and watching her four children compete in sports. 


Sandra U. began her career as a grade 7 and 8 mathematics teacher in Des Moines, IA. After two years in the middle school classroom, she taught math education classes at the University of Northern Iowa for over 20 years and then worked as an Area Education Agency Mathematics Consultant for eight years. Sandy has delivered professional development courses to Department of Defense teachers in Hawaii, Japan, and Guam. She has also co-developed multiple professional learning courses for the Iowa Department of Education and facilitated classes with preschool through grade 12 teachers in Iowa. She believes all students can understand and enjoy mathematics when given opportunities to engage in rich tasks and meaningful discussions. Besides working with mathematics teachers, Sandy enjoys spending time with her family, serving in youth ministry, and riding horses.


Chasity G.
has been a middle grades math teacher since 2011. She has taught all middle grades, but has a particular love for grade 7 math and Algebra 1. She is currently teaching IM to her seventh graders and loving it! Chasity has spent the last three years working with teachers of all content using technology tools and proper techniques to transition classes into the new wave of education. Chasity graduated with a B.A. in Accounting and an M.Ed. in Middle Grades Math from University of Louisville. She is the Vice President of Middle Grades for the Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics, a Core Advocate, and also very active on Twitter. In her free time, Chastity loves to hike her way through national parks, take road trips, eat at locally owned restaurants, and cheer on U of L athletics!


Elisabeth R.
is a K–12 Math Instructional Coach for Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky. Before becoming an educator, she worked for a regional bank as a project manager and corporate trainer in Cincinnati, Ohio (Go Reds!). She is a National Board Certified middle school math teacher and spent 11 years in the classroom. Elisabeth has presented professional development on using powerful math practices in the classroom at regional and local conferences. Passionate about providing all students with high-quality materials and helping them discover the joy of mathematics, she is currently pursuing her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership at the University of Kentucky. Elisabeth is the proud mom/bonus mom of five and has been known to conduct a Number Talk at the dinner table! 


Jana B.
is a district math instructional specialist for K–12 in the Daviess County Public Schools District and is a National Board Certified Teacher in Mathematics. She is a board member for the Kentucky Council of Teachers of Mathematics and has taught mathematics for over 25 years to students in grades 4 through 12 and post-secondary in the states of Kentucky, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Florida. She previously served as a 2017–2019 Teacher Advisory Council (TAC) Member for Hope Street Group, an EdReports mathematics content reviewer, and a state captain for Kentucky of the Student Achievement Partners Core Advocate Network. She is passionate about supporting teachers in deepening their understanding of math and bringing excitement of mathematics to every student she meets! She is a proud retired military spouse and mother of two. 


Tiffany W.
began her career in education as a middle school math teacher in 1999. Since then she has led mathematics instruction in both teacher and administrative roles for over 20 years. Most recently, Tiffany has served as an elementary principal for a National Blue Ribbon School. As both a teacher and observer of mathematics education, her passion is built around students truly understanding numbers, their connection to each other, and the world in which we live. When she is not working on developing “mathletes,” she enjoys traveling, reading, and camping lakeside with her family.


Greta A. has been teaching and supporting mathematics in New Orleans, Louisiana since 2005 and has a Master’s of Education in instructional leadership in mathematics. Greta has also been working on the Illustrative Mathematics team as a task writer and reviewer since 2012 and is an alumna of Park City Mathematics Institute and the Dana Center’s International Facilitation Fellowship. She now works as a Professional Learning Facilitator for the 6–8 Illustrative Mathematics curriculum and with Achievement First in helping schools around the country adopt math story problem protocols grounded in the 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions.  Greta believes that all students and teachers can fall in love with mathematics given the right tasks. Outside of her work in mathematics, Greta plays volleyball, gives her dog belly rubs, and enjoys the endless beauty of New Orleans.


Robin C.
is a Math Curriculum Coordinator for DeSoto Parish Schools in Louisiana where she develops and provides professional learning opportunities for K–12 math teachers in her district. She works on alignment of mathematical standards in all grades and provides feedback and support for teachers and administrators. Prior to that, she spent eight years as a TAP Master Teacher, focusing on math teacher support in grades 6–12. Her love of mathematics and student success began in the classroom teaching a combination of grade 8 math, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and advanced math. Robin has a B.S. in Secondary Education from Louisiana Tech University with certifications in 6–12 mathematics and business education.


Alexandra L.
began her teaching career 23 years ago as a Head Start teacher in New York City while completing her MA in Bilingual Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. For the past nine years, she has been a math coach and interventionist at Riverton, a Portland school with a student body that includes many recent immigrants. Having grown up in Mexico, Alex has always been drawn to students from other cultures, and at Riverton she has the welcome challenge of figuring out how best to help students succeed in math class despite very basic English skills or interrupted schooling. Alex has been excited to witness how the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum engages her students in challenging, grade-level math. When not at Riverton, Alex enjoys reading, cross-country skiing, watching her children’s basketball games, and learning how to quilt.


Bianca W. began her career in special education, then transitioned to primary and intermediate elementary grades, spending the bulk of her experience as a grade 4 teacher. For the past few years she has been the Math Coach in Portland, ME, supporting the implementation of the Illustrative Mathematics alpha pilot. Bianca recently accomplished a masters in Literacy, supports the implementation of Illustrative Mathematics and professional learning at Rowe Elementary, is a mentor for University of Maine students and Portland employees, and is the Math Team Coach for 4th and 5th graders. Working in an asylum city in a school district with over 60 languages spoken, Bianca believes in equal opportunity for all students to access high-quality education. She believes that a diverse community of learners fosters compassion and academic excellence through community partnership and collaboration. When Bianca is not immersed in fulfilling her duties as a math coach, she enjoys watercolor painting, gardening, reading, and exploring the great outdoors with her two children, Aria and Ian, and husband, Ken.


Kelley N.
began her career in education working for 10+ years as a classroom teacher in the primary grades. As her interest in mathematics instruction evolved, she worked as an interventionist in grades 3, 4, and 5, which led to a mathematics instructional coaching position, K–5.  Kelley has first-hand experience coaching teachers at her home school in Portland, ME, who participated in the Illustrative Mathematics K–5 Math alpha pilot. Working with teachers and students in the alpha pilot has proven to be an incredibly rewarding experience for her, witnessing teachers grow in their facilitation of problem-based learning and watching young students think and reason as mathematicians. Kelley loves playing cribbage, paddle boarding, traveling, and spending time with her family.


Nancy S.
  began teaching preschool when her youngest daughter was 2 and eventually became a special education teacher before becoming a classroom teacher almost 20 years ago. She has taught in all grades from PreK to 7, including being a middle school math and science teacher in Taiwan. Nancy has been a math coach and interventionist in Portland, ME for almost 5 years and continues to learn more about what deep and rich mathematical coaching and instruction is all about. Nancy has always had a love of math and enjoys working with elementary teachers on classroom instruction and developing a deeper understanding of Common Core Math Standards as well and building good instructional routines and practices. When not working, Nancy enjoys reading, cooking, and traveling. Two years ago she spent the whole summer driving 13,000 miles around the United States. 


Sarah C. has been a teacher for sixteen years. She spent the first six of those years living on an island off the coast of Maine and teaching in a K–8 one room schoolhouse. Then, Sarah taught grade 4 for four years. She has been in her current position as K–12 district math coach/coordinator for seven years. Sarah graduated with a B.A. in English from Hofstra University and an M.Ed. from Antioch New England Graduate School. She has a certificate of Math Leadership from University of Maine, Farmington.


Patricia Edelmann
Patricia E.
, while volunteering at her daughter’s school in 2010, made the decision to leave a 16-year career in corporate finance and dive into her passion: education. Over these past ten years, Patricia has earned her Masters in Education, supported ESL students at her community’s school and been a third grade teacher at The Potomac School in McLean, Virginia. Before becoming a full-time instructional coach and tutor, Patricia was an early elementary math coordinator at Potomac, where she supported students and coached teachers. Patricia is passionate about developing flexible problem solvers with a depth of understanding and a willingness to share their mathematical thinking from an early age. Children learn best through constructing understanding in a social setting and she believes every child deserves to receive such high-quality math instruction every day. Patricia speaks Spanish and studied in Salamanca and walked El Camino in 2019.


Jennifer M.
has been a mathematics educator and educational consultant for over 20 years. She has taught 6–12 mathematics in the Howard County Public School System and currently serves there as a secondary math instructional coach. Jennifer completed her undergraduate degree in mathematics education at Penn State, and went on to study at both Towson and Johns Hopkins for her graduate work. She is a speaker at MCTM and regional conferences, and has served on the state educational data board. All students can learn mathematics, and Jennifer is passionate about giving them access to high quality instruction. Outside of education, she participates in dog sports and 4-H activities with her family.


Jenna L. is currently a math specialist at the Driscoll K–8 School in Brookline, MA. She started her career as an upper elementary classroom teacher and later became a math coach. She is grateful to have wonderful colleagues—at her school and in the larger community—to share in the pursuit of equitable learning environments. Jenna enjoys collaborating with others to develop content knowledge, pedagogical strategies, and infinite curiosity for mathematical thinking and learning. She has developed and facilitated professional learning at local, state, and national levels. Jenna is the 2016 recipient of the Harry S. Levitan Prize for Educational Leadership from Brandeis University.


Maureen O.
is in her twenty-third year of teaching at the Paul F. Doyon Memorial School in Ipswich, MA. For the past five years she has served as Math Specialist. Prior to that she taught grades 2 and 3. She is an IM K–5 Math alpha pilot teacher and coach who is dazzled by the impact of the curriculum on students’ math understanding and discourse. She has an A.B. from Smith College in Education and Child Study and her M.A. in Education of the Deaf and Hearing Impaired from Gallaudet University where she worked as a training specialist. She is an eternal optimist, a life long learner, autism advocate and proud mother of two. When she’s not on beautiful Crane Beach, Maureen is dedicated to making math irresistible through high-quality and equitable instruction.


Nancy J. 
began her career teaching high school mathematics immediately after graduating from Skidmore College. She went on to work with teachers and students as a mathematics curriculum director and instructor for 7–12 mathematics. Most recently Nancy has been designing and giving workshops on integrating purposeful technology into the mathematics curriculum and in so doing promote discovery, curiosity, discussion and deep understanding. Nancy has received several awards for teaching including the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching state finalist, as well as awards for innovative teaching and learning. Nancy’s focus on mathematics education has always been to invite all learners to enjoy using mathematics and to assist teachers and students on their mathematician’s journey. Besides continuing to learn with and from others, Nancy enjoys the company of her 8 grandchildren, walking in the woods with her three golden retrievers, reading, swimming, and skiing.


Rosanne O.
began her career in education as an elementary teacher and assistant principal in Plymouth, MA. She earned an M.Ed. in School Leadership with a focus on Curriculum and Instruction. Later, Rosanne moved to educational publishing, which led to working with UCSMP authors and the start of Everyday Mathematics K–6. As a field associate, she wrote and conducted promotional presentations,  implementation trainings, follow-up workshops, administrator overviews, user-conferences, and other topical sessions. Through this work, Rosanne experienced how quality instruction does make a difference. Later, as the Everyday Mathematics specialist at McGraw-Hill, she continued to support EM in the same capacity. Currently, Rosanne works as an independent math consultant, committed to helping elementary teachers change the way they view and teach mathematics. She believes that all students can learn to understand and appreciate mathematics if it is taught how they learn. Rosanne’s interests are gardening, cooking, and spending time along the coast of New England.


Kristine H. began her career in education over 25 years ago as a high school mathematics teacher in Utica Community Schools, MI where she also held the leadership role of system-wide chairperson.  She is currently a K–12 mathematics education consultant for 226 public schools Macomb County, MI, serving 125,610 students. She develops and facilitates professional learning for mathematics educators and administrators in any capacity that advances STEM education at local, county, and state levels. She is passionate about uniting teachers vertically, across grade levels and across all content areas. Her goal is to provide long-term and ongoing change in classroom instructional strategies that raises student achievement.  During her time away from education, she is passionate about spending time with family and friends.


Mary McCloskey image



Mary M. began her career in education teaching 8th grade mathematics. She is currently a district mathematics coach for Kalamazoo Public Schools, supporting K-12. She is proud of her work as a district math coach, providing teachers with innovative and engaging ways of teaching mathematics through modeling, professional development, and curriculum writing. Top on her list of career highlights is traveling abroad to provide professional development for teachers of DoDEA schools (Department of Defense) as they transitioned to the Common Core. Mary is passionate about mathematics education because it is a gatekeeper to so many future endeavors for students and she believes that it is attainable for every child. One fun fact about Mary is that the DoDEA math training she facilitated was the catalyst for her international travels. She has now visited seven countries and continues to plan trips abroad.


Lea M. began her career as an elementary and middle school teacher in Clinton Township, Michigan. After teaching for 19 years, Lea left the classroom to become a mathematics consultant with the Macomb Intermediate School District. In this role, she has the opportunity to work with teachers and students in all of the twenty-one districts in Macomb County. She has facilitated professional development around a range of mathematics topics including number talks, mathematical mindset, and Add+Vantage Math Recovery courses. Lea is passionate about making mathematics accessible to all students and all students seeing themselves as mathematicians. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters, reading, and enjoying the outdoors.


Danielle S. began her career teaching high school math and physics in Kalamazoo, MI. She had the privilege of consulting with the Charles A. Dana Center in Austin, TX where she co-authored the Academic Youth Development program, seeking to transform mathematics education for students. Later, Danielle returned to Michigan as a regional mathematics consultant and coach. Danielle currently serves as lead consultant and instructional coach for Bold Educational Consulting, focused on supporting educators and their administrators, across the region, state, and nation, in recognizing and removing inequities in students’ educational lives to help realize the power of mathematics for all students. Danielle is committed to further developing her abilities to recognize, respond to, and remove biased, racist systems within her spheres of influence. One of Danielle’s hobbies is home design and renovation. You might just find her with a sledgehammer, knocking down walls, next time you see her.


Danielle Vossekuil photo
Danielle V. began her career in 2003 as a middle school classroom teacher, teaching grades 6–8 and Algebra I in Mathematics and also English Language Arts. Currently, she is a Mathematics Instructional Coach for the Muskegon Area Intermediate School District.  She has earned a Masters Degree in School Leadership, has served on numerous committees, and presented at local, state, and national levels on mathematics instruction, differentiation, formative assessment, School Improvement/MTSS and school climate and culture. Danielle’s passion is driven in building communities within mathematics classrooms that support and encourage student equity and identity, while also engaging students in high-quality problem solving and reasoning through student-centered discussion-based lessons. In Danielle’s spare time she is an avid runner, loves spending time with family and friends, and just relaxing watching movies.


Shawna V.
has proudly taught elementary school in Detroit, junior high in Utica, and for Armada High School in special education and general education roles. Currently, she serves as a special education and mathematics consultant for Oakland Schools and teaches Detroit by the Numbers, a quantitative literacy course, at Wayne State University. She provides professional learning, coaching, and consultation around math instruction, co-teaching, Universal Design for Learning, and assessment and is committed to making meaningful mathematics accessible to all students. Shawna is enthusiastic in supporting teachers as they refine their practice and understands the challenge of skillfully teaching multiple subject areas. She loves to hear aha’s and ooh’s as students and teachers find joy in a mathematically delicious moment. Shawna is a fan of public libraries, enjoys modern art (especially Calder mobiles), and spends her Sundays scratch and batch cooking for her family.


Barbara E.
is an experienced transformational leader and equitable educator with 29+ years of teaching, coaching and supervising experience in greater Twin Cities region. She is goal-oriented, proactive, collaborative, and client-focused. She has been recognized for meeting teachers’ and students’ professional and educational objectives, specifically in mathematics classrooms. Barbara inspires those around her to collaborate, share and leverage best practices and embrace new ideas. In her free time, She enjoys the outdoors, specifically on, around, and in the lakes in Minneapolis. Her children are launching into the world and she is excited about what the future holds for them and herself.


Sara V.
is a National Board Certified Teacher who taught middle and high school mathematics for Minneapolis Public Schools for 26 years, with 5 years leading K–12 mathematics for the large urban district. Currently, Sara consults with schools and districts around the United States on topics connected to English language learners, engagement and discourse strategies, and teaching student reasoning as students engage in the concepts and big ideas of mathematics. Outside of her work with teachers and leaders, Sara is involved in state and national math teacher councils and engages daily with the online community of teachers. Sara frequently writes about mathematics teaching. Her current passions in teaching are incorporating movement into the mathematics classroom and developing positive student mathematical identities.


Liza B., Ph.D
began her career in education as a 7–8 math teacher and is currently an Associate Professor of Mathematics. Liza’s research focuses on the beliefs, practices, and tools that contribute to mathematics teacher effectiveness and large-scale data analysis. Liza is the president of the Mississippi Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators professional organization. She has written and edited curricular materials for Illustrative Mathematics, CK–12, and LearnZillion. She also has experience facilitating professional learning with the Math Science Partnership, LearnZillion, Illustrative Mathematics, and Math Teachers’ Circles. Liza has published two articles in NCTM Mathematics Teacher and regularly presents at NCTM conferences. Liza was the recipient of the John Wiley & Sons 2018 Best Overall Course Award (Higher Education). Outside of her professional work, Liza enjoys crafting, exercising, and spending quality time with her family.


Kristen Taylor, Facilitator
Kristen T.
has been a teacher, instructional coach, curriculum coach, assistant principal, and a principal in urban districts and charter schools. She is currently an instructional coach who works with teachers and administrators to ensure that they are working for the benefit of all students in their care everyday. Kristen has supported teachers at all levels in PreK through 12 and administrators at the PK – 8 grades. Kristen knows that as a math teacher the hard work is important, but all work doesn’t have to be hard. As a human being, Kristen loves to travel, hang out with fuzzy friends, and read fiction.


Lei-Anna B.
 began her career in education as an upper elementary teacher of a multi-age classroom in San Jose, California in 1989. Since then, she has been a classroom teacher in grades K–8, instructional coach, curriculum specialist, education consultant, facilitator trainer, outreach coordinator, and adjunct faculty. She holds degrees from Santa Clara University, San Jose State University, and a Master of Science degree in mathematics education from Montana State University. Her career has taken her from inner city schools in California to the rural communities of South Carolina and reservation towns of Montana. With each position and project, she has been guided by the principle that all students need access to high quality resources and instruction in an environment that nurtures a growth mindset. When not immersed in mathematics education, Lei-Anna loves to volunteer in her community and spend time with her husband and three kids exploring the backcountry of Montana.


Lisa S. began her career in education teaching high school and middle school mathematics in Joliet, MT. She also served as a mathematics teacher, curriculum and assessment director, and mathematics coach for Billings Public Schools. Lisa was the Math/Science Grant STREAM Project Manager for seven years and is currently a mathematics education consultant. She has provided professional development in mathematics, assessment, and other topics nationally over the past twenty-five years. Lisa believes in equitable mathematics education for all students and has passionately pursued working with organizations that support this belief. Lisa served as President of the Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics, on the Affiliate Services Committee for NCTM and the board of directors for NCSM. She earned the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching in 2002. Lisa enjoys spending time with her family at their cabin in the mountains, hiking, riding ATVs, snowmobiling, and boating.


Dr. Amy W. is an advocate for aligned, quality mathematics instruction and materials and an advocate for teachers. She spends her time supporting college- and career-ready standards-based instruction. After 18 years in the classroom, and four years as a regional trainer in mathematics, Amy worked as the founding Director of Mathematics at EdReports.org. She continues to support implementation of aligned curriculum and to support educators as they shift their instruction. When she is not working, Amy spends her time enjoying her family, working on math-based hobbies like baking and quilting, visiting countries around the world, and exploring colorful schools under the deep blue sea.

New Hampshire

Melanie A.
 started teaching in Seattle, WA in a variety of elementary classroom and SpEd lead teacher roles. Now an elementary Mathematics Instructional Coach for a southern Maine school district, she also provides professional development for New England school districts and educational companies. She’s been a part of two National Blue Ribbon schools and humbled by a nomination for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics Teaching. Melanie has experienced how transformative the best instructional practices and routines and data-driven, equitable, accessible, precise, and culturally relevant teaching and learning can be. She is eager to work with educators, students, and parents to empower them to become mathematicians and scientists in their daily lives and seek careers in those fields. She lives in coastal New Hampshire with her family, including her 7- and 5-year-olds, and loves exploring the world, finding new math games to play, and dancing and laughing together daily.

New Jersey

Cheryl F.
began her career in education as a computer teacher in Perth Amboy, NJ, but quickly realized that math was her true love. A former middle school math teacher and elementary math coach, Cheryl is now an independent consultant who provides professional development, coaching, and demo lessons to K–8 teachers nationwide. After earning her MS in Mathematics Learning and Teaching, Cheryl was part of an NSF-funded grant aimed at improving math teachers’ ability to formatively assess students’ understanding and provide appropriate and valuable feedback. Cheryl believes that when students become active doers rather than passive consumers the greatest learning gains can be realized. She also believes that in order to teach in powerful and empowering ways, teachers must first have experiences learning in powerful and empowering ways. A fun fact about Cheryl is that she appeared on TV with The Fonz during the Statue of Liberty’s Centennial celebration.

New Mexico

Brandon S.
began his career in education as a high school teacher. He currently serves as a content specialist for high school mathematics. During his time as a teacher, he worked with a variety of content levels and a diversity of student needs and abilities. In recent years, he has worked diligently to develop his capacity for providing quality professional development. Brandon believes that all students can learn mathematics to deep levels and that the heart of teaching is to inspire students’ passion for problem solving. When not engrossed in all things mathematics education, Brandon loves spending time with his two kids and playing golf.


Kathe K. has taught mathematics in both rural and urban districts in New Mexico, Washington, and Maryland. She has engaged in many professional development opportunities, including attending the Park City Mathematics Institute several times as a participant and also as staff. After completing her Master of Science in Mathematics at New Mexico State University she began working on professional development projects funded by the National Science Foundation and by state and local grants. She most enjoys working in schools where teams of math teachers plan, implement, and reflect together. When she is not traveling across the state for work she can be found improving both her language skills by reading novels in Spanish and German.


Lisa M.
began her career in education as a high school science and math teacher, and for the past 20 years has worked with Mathematically Connected Communities (MC2), an organization committed to improving K–12 math teaching and learning in her home state of New Mexico. While Lisa spent the first 15 years of her math education career focusing on 6–12, she has spent the past 5 years digging into K–5 learning trajectories, partnering with teachers in their classrooms, and implementing professional learning designed to help teachers understand how elementary students develop deep conceptual understanding. She is passionate about the need for students to construct meaning of mathematical ideas in ways that make sense to them, and learning with teachers how to develop the ability to truly listen to children’s thinking. Lisa lives on a small ranch in south central New Mexico and enjoys hiking, yoga, knitting, cooking, and connecting with friends and family.


Michelle S.
is a secondary mathematics specialist with Mathematically Connected Communities at New Mexico State University. Prior to a focus in teacher professional learning, Michelle taught middle school Mathematics and currently teaches at a charter high school to support both core and intervention curriculum. She is a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Adolescence/Mathematics with 20 years of experience supporting mathematical discourse and conceptual sense making in the classroom.

New York

Andrew G. has worked in education for over ten years and as an educator of students with disabilities for the last seven. He was born and raised in New York City, receiving his Master’s in Education from Brooklyn College. Andrew now teaches math at the Cooke Center Academy, a school for students with developmental, learning, and physical disabilities on Manhattan’s lower west side. He has spoken nationally to advocate for equitable access to the highest quality math instruction for the typically under-served student population of students with disabilities. He writes about the intersection of math education, special education, and disability rights on his blog, The Learning Kaleidoscope.


Immediately upon her graduation from college, Arlene S. began her career in mathematics education as a high school teacher and later as an assistant principal of mathematics in New York City. Her passion was to transform teaching in her own classroom and department, and as a result, she began teaching and implementing an inquiry-based curriculum in the mid 1990’s, continuing until her retirement in 2011. Within 4 years, all students in her high school were fully engaged in student-centered instruction. It was quite a joy to see students not only learning mathematics but developing a love for it. Students no longer asked, “When will I ever use this?” During this time, Arlene also became part of a larger yet similar movement in NYC, leading curriculum professional development sessions for NYC teachers.   Upon retirement, Arlene has continued to conduct professional development workshops, coach teachers throughout NYC, and teach graduate Mathematics Education classes. When not focused on her work, Arlene enjoys reading, jazzercising, and being a new grandma.  


Atiyah H.
is a middle school principal at a charter school in New York City where she coached teachers, tutors, and instructional leaders. Prior to that, Atiyah taught middle school math for seven years in Philadelphia before moving into a leadership role as Director of Curriculum and Instruction for grades 6–8. Atiyah has also served as Assistant Principal and Director of Curriculum and Instruction for a turnaround middle school in Trenton, NJ where she focused on math education in grades 4–8. Her love of mathematics with a specific focus in urban education began will she was a founding member of Philadelphia Teaching Fellows. Atiyah has deepened her love and appreciation for mathematics while serving on the state of New Jersey Common Core Standards revision in the fall of 2015. Atiyah holds an advanced master’s degree from Teachers College, Columbia University in Public School Leadership, a master’s in education from the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor’s from The Pennsylvania State University.


Tutoring students and working at a wilderness youth retreat program in the Utah desert led Blue T. to earn a master’s in math education as a Newton Fellow with Math for America and then teach high school math at a public school in New York City. He became an instructional specialist at New Visions for Public Schools, writing curriculum and coaching math departments, and had subsequent roles at different organizations coaching science and math teachers and teacher apprentices. He’s proud of the work former students have done, as well as the growth of the teacher leaders he has worked with to become better teachers while supporting their colleagues. Helping students and teachers from all backgrounds grow mathematically and see the beauty of math, and open up to other life opportunities have been a driving passion. A sociable guy, Blue loves rock climbing, surfing, drawing, and karaoke.

Marcelle G. has taught secondary math in New York City since 2008. She currently teaches at a small, progressive K–8 school in Brooklyn, teaching grade 7 math and Algebra 1. Throughout her career she has focused on using structured routines to bring students who don’t identify as “math people” into the fold, and finding ways to structure her classes so that students who struggle can access grade-level content. She has been a part of Math for America since she began teaching, most recently as an MfA Renewal Master Teacher.


Tiayana M.
began her career in education as an elementary and middle school teacher. She worked for many years as a mathematics content specialist for the New York City Department of Education overseeing the development of city-wide mathematics assessments. She also supported the development of state and national assessments and the development of high-quality instructional materials. As the Executive Director, Mathematics at a national nonprofit, she focused on supporting teachers, instructional and school leaders, and districts with implementing standards-aligned curriculum and improving instructional practice. Currently she works as an education consultant, supporting universities, nonprofits, districts, and schools. Tiayana believes all children should feel comfortable and supported in the learning of mathematics and teaching should leverage discipline-specific pedagogical practices that engage and value the capacity and humanity of all children. Tiayana enjoys spending time with family and friends and traveling as often as she can.

North Carolina

Vanita B.
began her career in education as an elementary teacher in Charlotte, NC. Her professional path has offered her several rich experiences as a K–5 math facilitator, instructional coach, and school administrator. Through these roles, her greatest accomplishment occurs at the micro level, in the classroom, impacting teachers’ practice, extending their effectiveness, and helping them to fall deeper in love with their craft. Vanita’s passion for mathematics education grew out of her personal struggles with math as a K–12 learner, which later blossomed as she began dismantling math fears for herself and her students. When she is not engaged in her work as an educator, Vanita loves good food, hot yoga, and visiting new places.


Jenni T.
began her teaching career teaching middle school math to 6th and 7th graders, she currently is a math facilitator for a local middle school in Charlotte, NC. Jenni won first year teacher of the year and went on to get her masters degree in Educational Technology and achieved National Boards in Early Adolescence/Mathematics. She currently specializes in assisting math teachers with the conceptual understanding of math and how to best engage students. Jenni is passionate about math education because for most of her educational years people were labeled as math people and non-math people. Everyone has it in them to understand math and it’s her goal to help achieve this. In her spare time Jenni enjoys shopping, cooking, being near the water, and chasing her 3 kids and golden retriever around.


Jennifer W. a Core Advocate and National Board Certified Teacher, taught and learned mathematics with high school students and teachers for 25 years in Jackson, Mississippi. She enjoys learning alongside the Illustrative Mathematics community, and she is a 2011 recipient of the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Jennifer blogs at both Easing the Hurry Syndrome and Slow Math Movement.


Kaneka T. is learning enthusiast! Her greatest joy is coming to understand and residing in the space where confusion meets clarity. She designs and facilitates professional learning experiences for local school districts across North Carolina. She served Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for the past 18 years as a classroom teacher, building math coach, Title I math specialist and district math specialist, before leaving to work independently as a math consultant. She has a passion for broadening the community of math learners to include the most unexpected and often rejected. She is pursuing this passion by teaching masters courses as a visiting instructor for Mount Holyoke’s Master of Arts in Math Teaching program, facilitating Investigations Workshops for Terc and facilitating DMI workshops for local districts in need.


Kim M.
recently retired from Brunswick County Schools in NC as an instructional math coach and is currently teaching 7th grade math in Dillon, SC. She has a B.S. in Special Education from Winthrop University and a M.S.A. in School Administration from UNC at Pembroke. Her passions include exploring the IM curriculum with students and teachers and improving her craft through lesson study cycles.


Mary S. 
began her career in education as a grades 2 and 3 multi-age teacher in rural North Carolina. She has 25 years of experience in education serving as a teacher, coach, and professional learning facilitator. She currently serves as an instructional coach in Charlotte, NC. Mary received her B.S. in Elementary Education from East Carolina University and her master’s degree in Curriculum and Supervision from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. In addition, she is a National Board Certified Teacher as a Middle Childhood Generalist.

Mary believes in the value of curriculum and instruction that is accessible to all learners and allows students to learn by solving problems using real-world and mathematical contexts. In her free time she enjoys traveling and spending time with her family and friends.


Marta G.
began her career in education as an elementary classroom teacher, then as a district and school level math coach. She is currently working as an independent consultant, serving as a professional learning developer and math coach. Marta has been awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching and most recently the North Carolina Council of Teachers’ of Mathematics Rankin Award for lifetime achievement and dedication to mathematics education. As a classroom teacher, Marta participated in two National Science Foundation grants which focused on supporting the range of learners. This research impacted her view of mathematics and her interest in equitable, accessible practices which invite students and teachers to engage in reasoning about mathematics. Marta loves to spend time with her family, take walks at the beach, play math games, and travel.


Sheila B. has benefited from her 42 years of experience teaching students in both middle and high school, collaborating with teachers as an instructional coach, and facilitating professional development for teachers locally and in other districts and states. She is an active member of North Carolina Council of Teachers of Mathematics serving as Secondary Vice-President for the Western Region, Conference Program Co-chair and State Vice President for Middle School. Some of her professional accomplishments include attaining NBPTS certification, being chosen as a member of NC Teacher Leadership Network, being a lead teacher for the ARMS Project, participating as a trainer for NC Teacher Academy and facilitating for the MELT program at ASU. Although retired, she considers herself a life-long learner and continues to be actively involved in mathematics education. She enjoys reading, playing with her granddaughter and traveling.


With almost 20 years in public education, Suzanne H. began her career as a middle math teacher in North Carolina and then a high school math teacher, district instructional staff developer and assistant principal in Florida. Last summer, she returned to her hometown in NC where she is a mathematics curriculum facilitator. The majority of her experiences have been in low performing, high poverty schools.  Suzanne has a proven track record of improving student achievement and turning schools around. She is a highly dedicated educator committed to empowering all students through just educational opportunities. And, she believes mathematics is the subject that can open those doors. Suzanne loves to travel, especially taking road trips with her son, and she hopes to one day live on a farm.


Toni W.
began her education career as a middle school math and science teacher 18 years ago, and is currently the Director of Secondary Math and Science in a district in central NC. Toni has enjoyed being a classroom teacher, an online instructor for high school and college levels, and an administrator. Her passion truly blossomed, however, as an instructional coach. Toni believes that high-quality mathematics instruction is the key to developing the young (and not so young) into positive math advocates! When Toni is not doing math, she can be found reading The Outlander, or traveling outside of the US with her family!


Bryan D.
was a classroom teacher for 12 years and became an administrator where he oversees curriculum and technology for a large region in northeast Ohio. My areas of speciality are assessment and curriculum design. The most important thing to me about math is pursuing a balance between conceptual understanding, procedural skill and fluency, and application. My favorite hobby is playing three instruments.


David P. is currently a Curriculum Writing Team Lead for Illustrative Mathematics, writing and editing materials for the Middle School curriculum. David taught high school mathematics in Tennessee and Missouri for 10 years prior to joining IM. David has a masters degree in mathematics from Vanderbilt University.


Melissa J. has been a middle school math teacher in Toledo, OH since 2001 and currently serves as a math coach. In that role, she actively facilitates professional learning at the district level. Melissa is also a national trainer for AFT’s Thinking Mathematics. She is currently working on her dissertation in educational technology, focusing on computational thinking in mathematics classrooms. As a student, teacher, coach, parent, and friend, Melissa works to empower people in their mathematical learning, regardless of where they are on their individual journeys. When she is not instilling the love of learning math in others, Melissa loves to test recipes (through cooking and eating!) and spend time connecting with nature and her three teenaged children.


Tricia B. teaches math content courses for pre-service elementary teachers and provides professional learning to K–12 math teachers in her role as the K-12 Outreach Specialist for the Mathematics Department at the University of Oregon. She has been involved with efforts to promote coherence in math education over the past 15 years, consulting on projects such as Standards For Success, Smarter Balanced Digital Library, and review of Khan Academy CCSSM items. She is a member of the UO’s Teaching Academy and a participant in the Summer Institutes for Scientific Teaching to improve implementation of best pedagogical practices in her own teaching. With a rocky start in elementary math that eventually led to a Masters in Mathematics from the University of Oregon, Tricia is passionate about supporting teachers in discovering the wonder and power of mathematics for themselves and their students.


Dan I. began his career as a middle school mathematics teacher in New Jersey. After teaching high school and being a district supervisor, he moved to the university level where he is a teacher educator. Dan enjoys presenting at conferences and working as an instructional coach to learn with teachers around the country. Dan is passionate about mathematics education because it is so important for all students to be successful in mathematics to be successful in life. Outside of work, Dan enjoys spending time with his family.


Rachel S.
works as a Director of Content – Math at Leading Educators where she designs math professional learning for teachers and school leaders in New Orleans and Atlanta. Previously, Rachel was a founding math teacher and instructional coach at a turnaround school in New Orleans. She believes that math classrooms have the power to be spaces for students to develop reasoning, problem-solving, and analytical skills that can serve them throughout their lives. Rachel enjoys traveling, playing softball, and spending time with her mini schnauzer, Cluckers.


Sallie K. began her career in education in 1994 after six years in the US Army and five years as a stay-at-home mom. In 2018 she retired after 24 years of math teaching. She taught grade 7 math for 9 years and served 15 years as the district’s K–8 mathematics coach. As a math coach she coordinated consistent implementation of the district’s K–8 math program by supporting the teachers through professional learning sessions, co-planning, and co-teaching. She also had the exciting privilege of presenting at numerous local, regional, and national math conferences. Sallie is passionate about providing all students with high quality math instruction in a classroom where mistakes are expected, respected and inspected. She believes that sense-making matters more than memorization. You might be surprised to learn that during Sallie’s US Army enlistments she served in the Military Police Corp and was a special agent in the Criminal Investigation Division.

Rhode Island

Chris C.
began his career as a high school and middle school mathematics teacher and instructional coach in Washington State and became a mathematics leader in two large urban districts, an educational service agency and the state of Wisconsin and Rhode Island. Chris has developed materials to unpack the common core for the state of Wisconsin and provided leadership in the adoption and implementation of problem-based mathematics programs K–12 in multiple roles. Chris has also provided leadership and materials in diagnosing mathematics deficiencies and integrating that into a RtI process. Chris’s passion for mathematics comes from helping others discover their math abilities in different ways and applying that knowledge and experience to classroom instruction for the benefit of all students. In his personal life, he likes to spend time with his family outdoors and he enjoys playing golf, coaching flag football, and reading.

South Carolina

Patti D. began her career as an elementary teacher and now draws upon 33 years of teaching experience in public education at the elementary, middle, high school, and post-secondary levels in her current work supporting mathematics learning in grades K–12. She worked with a statewide NSF Systemic Initiative to change math and science education in South Carolina, served on the SC Leaders of Mathematics Education board, reviewed federal grants, and developed pilot items for state assessments. Patti co-designed professional learning for a state-level grades K–5 mathematics coaching initiative, achieved agency trainer status for Cognitive Coaching SM, and co-wrote and managed a federal grant in collaboration with two universities that increased mathematics, science, and special education teachers’ pedagogical content knowledge. As a National Board Certified Teacher since 2002, Patti seeks to spark curiosity and joyful, deep learning that transforms learning spaces. She enjoys reading, spending time with family, and traveling. 

South Dakota

Kimberly C. began her career in education as an elementary teacher. Soon after, love of math took over and for the past 17 years she has been a K–8 math coach/facilitator providing statewide professional learning in CCSSM, cognitively guided instruction, and math content. As a dream team member for LearnZillion she wrote K–2 math curriculum and learning videos. She currently is a learning specialist for Technology and Innovation in Education and works with schools to customize their learning in mathematics to meet the needs of every student. She works with high needs and priority schools supporting teachers to increase their math knowledge and understanding of how students make sense of math. She supports school districts in planning, goal setting, and implementing inquiry-based math instruction. She believes that all students should have every opportunity to learn and engage in high-quality math instruction. Kim enjoys camping in the Black Hills, a little basket weaving and spending all that extra energy on the grandchildren.


Amber T.
began her educational career as a middle school math teacher. After earning a masters degree in instructional coaching and professional learning, she transitioned into a role as a school-based math instructional coach. Currently, she is a district lead numeracy coach supporting middle schools in Metro Nashville Public Schools. Self-proclaimed instruction and coaching nerd, she is committed to helping all learners young and old engage in grade-level mathematics every day. When she is not working with teachers and coaches, you can find Amber reading a book with her dog cuddled close or on a long trail run with her husband.


Amanda Beale
Amanda B. 
spent her first thirteen years in education teaching elementary students in Minnesota. Now residing in Texas, she supports educators across the country with student-centered practices and curriculum implementation. She is passionate about supporting educators in creating inclusive learning environments, incorporating technology in meaningful ways, and empowering students to be in control of their learning. Amanda hopes that all students view math as a strength—a content area in which their ideas are valued, they construct meaning, they make sense of the concepts, and their collaboration with peers is thoughtful and productive. In her free time, Amanda enjoys gardening and sunshine.


Brooke P.
began her career in education as a preceptor for doctors of pharmacy candidates and currently works as a curriculum developer. She spent many years as a math teacher working hard to engage all students from algebra to statistics. She has spoken at numerous state and national conferences on how to engage students in the math classroom. High-quality and equitable math instruction is essential for preparing students to be ready for real world experiences where they can competitively compete in the global market. Brooke’s hobbies include welding, shooting billiards, and growing her own food.


Lizzy S.
currently resides in Dallas, Texas, where she writes curriculum for Illustrative Mathematics. She has experience teaching middle school, high school, and collegiate mathematics. Her focus is on helping underperforming students succeed. She is passionate about building a robust understanding of mathematics for students at every age and level. She is completing a master’s degree in mathematics, with an emphasis on cognitive psychology, at Texas Woman’s University. She also teaches her five children, ranging in age from 1 to 12, how to be productive members of society. In her free time, she competes in Taekwondo tournaments and is currently ranked in the top 10 of the state.


Luis L.
began his career in mathematics education in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. During his tenure as a mathematics coordinator Baltimore City, MD he led the district’s transition to college and career ready standards. Luis has also designed and facilitated professional development and instructional coaching sessions nation-wide in various roles as an instructional designer. Luis believes that every student deserves equitable opportunities to achieve at the highest level, regardless of social-economic status, through unfettered access to high-quality curriculum and instruction and is committed to improving teacher capacity to create learning environments that effectively implement both. When he is not engaged in his work as an educator, Luis enjoys sharing meals with family and friends, reading, and attending to his olive trees.


Cara L. began her career in San Diego, CA, where she served as a middle school math teacher, math coach, and member of the district math leadership team. She is now an education consultant in the Washington, D.C. area. During her time in San Diego, she was able to hone her teaching skills while earning a masters degree in Inquiry Based Mathematics Education. She also had the honor of working for the world-class project-based learning school, High Tech High. Based on her work at HTH, she was recruited to bring both her knowledge of math education and project-based learning to the UK where she served as an education consultant for The Innovation Unit, ltd. She strongly believes that every child can build a deep understanding for math. She advocates providing a student-centered, active, inquiry-based learning approach that teaches children important questioning, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. When she is not immersed in the world of math education, her favorite thing to do is spend time with her dog, Guinness.



After beginning her teaching career in Shenzhen, China, Amy H. now teaches high school math in Richland, Washington. A National Board Certified Teacher, she has worked with national leaders in math education and led algebra PLC’s for many years. Amy is a firm believer that all students can be successful in mathematics and is committed to using innovative approaches to build skills and confidence in students who have a history of struggles in math. When Amy is not developing future mathematicians, she coaches color-guard at her high school and enjoys spending time with her three young children.


Collette H.
, a National Board Certified Teacher in Early Adolescence/Mathematics, has spent over 30 years sharing her love of math in and out of the classroom. Prior to her work as a secondary math specialist, she taught high school mathematics, served as a middle school math coach and provided district professional development K–12. Collette is passionate about supporting teachers in providing mathematics instruction that is accessible, challenging, and engaging. She participates regionally as a Math Fellow and is a member of NCSM and NCTM. Additionally, she facilitates a National Board cohort providing support to candidates in all certification areas.


David P.
is passionate about equitable mathematics education for all learners. David has a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Washington and a M.Ed. in Secondary Mathematics Education from Eastern Washington University. David has taught both middle and high school mathematics and is a National Board Certified Teacher in Adolescence and Young Adulthood/Mathematics. David has also served as a state instructional coach for identified schools of improvement in Washington state. He is currently a secondary mathematics specialist leading professional development and developing coherent 6–12 mathematics instruction with a focus on bringing the standards for mathematical practice to life and developing these habits for all students.


Jeff C. began his career as a classroom teacher, bringing his joy for learning and love of mathematics to secondary and postsecondary students. His passion for bringing quality instruction and curriculum to students led him into curriculum development and implementation across Washington state and the nation. Jeff also worked as a consultant and evaluator of curriculum for Washington State, Khan Academy, Student Achievement Partners, and EdReports. Notably, Jeff helped write the high school evaluation tool for EdReports and lead teams through multiple cycles of material reviews. Most of all, he loves working with educators to grow in their craft. He wants the best instruction and the best material for students. As such, Jeff currently focuses on supporting educators by facilitating their growth in implementing quality materials.


Melissa S.
was a classroom teacher teaching math and physics at independent high schools for three years before joining IM. Before that she taught a college course in logic and reasoning. She has degrees in electrical engineering and philosophy, and a master’s degree in teacher leadership. She is on the high school curriculum writing team, focusing on Algebra 2. She wants to help teachers use the IM curriculum and to understand how to make the curriculum work better for teachers.


Shari H. began her career as a grade 5 teacher and is currently a learning coordinator for the Mead School District in Spokane, Washington. Shari spent many years teaching mathematics both as an interventionist and a teacher of the highly capable which fed her passion for ensuring all students receive high-quality instruction to meet their individual needs. She has been a Washington State Math Fellow for over 7 years working to support teachers in her district and region. She also specializes in assessment and has worked with her state and the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium in developing assessment items and performance tasks. When not supporting teachers in their math learning, she enjoys working in her garden and creating with her kids in their craft room.


Eric K.
 spent thirteen years as an elementary classroom teacher and three years as a district math coach to begin his career. He currently works as a K–8 math specialist at the Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin. During his time as a district math coach, Eric facilitated professional learning around the CCSSM to educators throughout the state of Wisconsin. He continues to develop and provide professional opportunities for K-8 educators and administrators in his current role. Eric believes each and every student should have an opportunity to experience high-quality math instruction and see themselves as a thinker and doer of mathematics. When he is not working, Eric enjoys spending time with his wife and four kids, as well as doing various outdoor activities.


Sara B. spent 15 years as a high school math teacher before joining the Mathematics Institute of Wisconsin in 2014 where she currently develops and provides professional learning opportunities for middle and high school math teachers across the state. She is a National Board Certified Teacher, holds a M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction with a concentration in Mathematics Leadership, and has completed Cognitive Coaching-Foundation and Adaptive Schools-Foundation courses. She serves as a director for the Wisconsin Chapter of the American Statistical Association and statistics is one of her favorite topics to continue learning about. Sara’s passion is supporting teachers to develop students’ beliefs that they are all capable of “doing” mathematics and redefining what it means to “do” mathematics. When not exploring statistics and instructional strategies, Sara enjoys traveling, sewing, and motorcycle rides, especially if they involve a stop for ice cream.