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Distance Learning

Prepare for next fall with IM Certified® r
esources that engage students next year and beyond

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Unfinished Learning

Distance Learning

Family Supports

Professional Learning

We understand the uncertainty you face next fall. IM Certified COVID-19 response resources will help you plan for distance learning, address unfinished learning, and support families. Based on IM K–12 Math certified by Illustrative Mathematics, COVID-19 response resources will ensure students are engaged with grade-level math content and are set up for success in math next year and beyond.

Unfinished Learning Resources

To address unfinished learning for your students next fall, IM has created just in time adaptation packs and supports to engage all students with grade level content. These resources seamlessly integrate with the curriculum’s scope and sequence.

Curriculum Adaptations

Curriculum Adaptation Packs help you identify prior concepts and skills that students need to access the content in each unit, and provide just in time support to keep students progressing in their learning.


Coming this summer

Cool-down Supports

Cool-down supports ensure you have the tools to address newly discovered unfinished learning, and identify opportunities to revisit content in future lessons, without stopping to re-teach a concept.


Coming this summer

Professional Learning

On-demand math story videos share the big mathematical ideas of each unit to help you make choices to maintain a coherent “math story” as you adjust for the demands of distance learning and address unfinished learning.


Coming this summer
IM K–5 Math beta on-demand videos
IM 6–8 Math on-demand videos
IM Algebra 1 on-demand videos

IM Certified Blog Corner


“I appreciate all of the thought around planning for the possibility of student learning gaps due to COVID as well as being proactive around planning for continued remote learning.”

—Ashley Shaw, Assistant Principal, Citizens of the World Charter School

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Distance Learning Resources

As you look at the possibility of distance learning models next fall, IM is providing guidance and resources to keep your students engaged and give every student access to grade-level mathematics. The guidance will support your students’ social-emotional learning needs and provides opportunities to synthesize their learning before moving on.


NEW! IM Community Hub

Coming soon

The IM community has always been a great resource for sharing ideas including The Standards for Mathematical Practice and IM Learning Tasks. We look forward to collaborating with you in response to COVID-19 at the IM Community Hub. Sign up to get early access the IM Community Hub where you can create, share, and get resources for unfinished learning, distance learning, family supports, and much more.


Section Planning Guides

The section planning guides identify essential lessons and activities that address major work of the grade or prerequisites, and provide guidance on distance learning activities to support each lesson or activity.


Coming this summer

PBS Video Lessons

Plus, Schoolkit will be providing 24 video lessons for IM 6–8 Math and Algebra 1 to be aired on local PBS stations later this summer. These videos will help students be prepared for next fall.


Now available! 

Video Lesson Summaries

The video lesson summaries highlight key points and vocabulary that students learn across several lessons. This supports students for checking their understanding and reviewing important concepts, vocabulary, and skills.


Coming this summer
IM 6–8 Math Video Lesson Summaries
IM Algebra 1 Video Lesson Summaries

IM Certified Blog Corner


“I love that IM authors are tuned to the teachers’ needs and come out with guidance in a timely manner.”

—Rita Moneymaker, BHS Math TOA

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Family Support Resources

To support families with their child’s learning and engagement in math, IM family support resources ensure family support resources to ensure children talk about math and families have a better understanding for what their child is learning.


IM Talking Math prompts, aligned to lesson and content standards, help spur mathematical discussions at home for grades K–5 and 6–8.

Family Support Materials for IM 6-8 Math and IM 9-12 Math certified by Illustrative Mathematics give an overview of each unit’s math content and problem for families to work on together.
IM 6–8 MATH IM 9–12 MATH

IM Certified Blog Corner


“IM Talking Math prompts has helped teachers adjust their pedagogy and families communicate mathematically with their children during an incredibly difficult time.” 

—Dr. Hilary Kreisberg, director of Lesley University’s Center for Mathematics Achievement.

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Professional Learning certified by Illustrative Mathematics

IM professional learning has been converted to virtual in response to Covid-19


To support your readiness for fall and beyond, sign up for IM K-12 Math professional learning for K–5, 6–8, and 9–12. Plus, New Covid-19 response professional learning now available.

“We consider a facilitator’s ‘IM Certified stamp’ shorthand for quality and expertise, both in mathematics and in delivering the very best professional learning experiences to teachers and coaches.”

Katie Martin, Lead Secondary Math Teacher, New Hanover County Schools, Wilmington, NC

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