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IM Curricula

Spark discussion, perseverance, and understanding of mathematics

IM Math is a problem-based core curriculum designed to address content and practice standards to foster learning for all. Students learn by doing math, solving problems in mathematical and real-world contexts, and constructing arguments using precise language. Teachers can shift their instruction and facilitate student learning with high-leverage routines to guide learners to understand and make connections between concepts and procedures.


We’re proud to align with reputable partners to provide access to our top-rated, high-quality learning materials. Click below to contact any of our partners for information regarding a review and adoption of the IM curriculum.

IM Certified Partners

IM curriculum delivered by top-quality partners

Educators who select IM Certified curricula and professional learning have the assurance that those organizations have committed to:

  • Actively collaborate with IM on their modifications to the material to maintain their alignment to the standards and IM’s design principles.
  • Strategically align with the mission and goal of IM.
  • Give back to the ongoing development of the curriculum and professional learning so that all learners benefit.

In addition, IM Certified Partners receive the latest curriculum updates directly from the IM team.

About IM Certified Curricula

Fully Aligned to College and Career-Ready Standards

Fulfilling standards to prepare students for success with mathematics

Designed under the leadership of one of the Common Core chief authors, all IM curricula are fully aligned to the rigor and coherence of the standards. Our goal is to provide students the skills they need to know, use, and enjoy mathematics.

Instructional Foundation

Research-driven, problem-based curriculum

In a problem-based curriculum, students work on carefully crafted and sequenced mathematics problems during most of the instructional time. Teachers help students understand the problems and guide discussions to be sure that the mathematical takeaways are clear to all. In the process, students explain their ideas and reasoning and learn to communicate mathematical ideas. The goal is to give students just enough background and tools to solve initial problems successfully, and then set them to increasingly sophisticated problems as their expertise increases.

Mathematics is not a spectator sport. The value of a problem-based approach is that students spend most of their time in math class doing mathematics: making sense of problems, estimating, trying different approaches, selecting and using appropriate tools, and evaluating the reasonableness of their answers. They go on to interpret the significance of their answers, noticing patterns and making generalizations, explaining their reasoning verbally and in writing, listening to the reasoning of others, and building their understanding.

Open Educational Resource and Delivery Options

Multiple formats and platforms available for flexibility and accessibility

IM Certified Partners provide access to the latest versions of IM Certified curricula through a freely available option as well as through for-fee print and digital platforms.

The Evolution of IM Curricula

Open Up Resources 6–8 Math 2.0 was authored by Illustrative Mathematics.  Illustrative Mathematics, authored, reviewed and approved all of the content contained in Open Up Resources 6-8 Math 2.0.  OUR 6–8 Math 2.0 is a high-quality curriculum, and Illustrative Mathematics is proud of its collaboration with Open Up Resources, which brought one of the first full-course OER middle school math curriculum to students and teachers across the country.  Please contact OUR for more information about their version of an IM-authored curriculum.

IM Certified Professional Learning for IM Curricula

Improve instruction, streamline integration

IM Certified Professional Learning is designed to be deeply integrated with the curriculum. The program provides teachers and leaders long-term, sustainable support for improving instruction and learning.

“Student engagement has gone through the roof. There’s a buzz in our math classrooms.” 
—David P., Secondary Math Specialist, Tumwater Public Schools, WA 

“This is the complete, aligned, big-picture-driven curriculum we have been seeking for years.” 
—Stefanie Buckner, Mathematics Curriculum Specialist, Buncombe County Schools, NC