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Mathematics is not a spectator sport. Driven by student discourse, IM Certified™ curricula are rich, engaging core programs built around focus, coherence, and rigor. Trusted, expert-authored materials were developed to equip all students with the skills they need to thrive in mathematics and are delivered by IM Certified Distribution Partners.

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Professional Learning

IM Certified™ Professional Learning provides teachers the support they need to successfully implement an IM curriculum. Explore professional learning resources and opportunities for educators, schools, and districts, and find information about becoming a Professional Learning partner or IM Certified Facilitator.

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Free Resources

Explore our growing library of free resources, designed to help educators understand and implement the standards. You'll find instructional and assessment tasks, blog posts, curriculum blueprints, videos, downloadable documents, and more.

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Latest Blog Posts

Making Authentic Modeling Possible

Making Authentic Modeling Possible

The first thing you have to understand is that asking people to model with mathematics makes them mad. Not in all contexts, though! At a social gathering with a generally ...

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IM Certified Distribution Partners

We’re proud to align with reputable partners to provide access to our top-rated, high- quality learning materials.
  • McGraw Hill
  • LearnZillion
  • Kendall Hunt