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Support instructional practices that drive student achievement in mathematics

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Meaningful shifts in instructional practice require the development of foundational knowledge, modeling of instructional skills, and ongoing feedback and support for teachers. Illustrative Mathematics (IM) offers a suite of Professional Learning Services that provide opportunities for educators to enhance and strengthen their instructional practice and improve learning outcomes for all students.

Support standards-aligned instruction
Provide teachers with the foundational skills and confidence to implement state, college, and career readiness mathematics standards.

Develop deep understanding of coherence
Ensure instructional coherence across lessons and within and across grade levels to provide students with learning experiences that are clear, meaningful, and motivating.

Demonstrate meaningful mathematics discussions
Build teachers’ skills in facilitating mathematics discussions that encourage students to think deeply and share their thinking.

Benefit from the experience of expert educators
Work with IM certified facilitators who have gone through a rigorous qualification process and attended intensive training to deliver impactful professional learning experiences.

Explore the IM Professional Learning Services Suite

IM Learning™ 6–8 Math
Grades 6-8
Are you getting the most out of Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math ? Combine this curriculum with flexible, affordable professional learning to ensure it is implemented with fidelity. Math coaches and teachers will deepen their understanding of the curriculum and build their skills through year-long embedded instructional support, delivered in person and virtually.

IM Learning™ 5 Practices
Grades K-12
Mathematics discussions deepen students’ understanding and empower them as learners, but facilitating those discussions can be daunting. Help teachers become pros with a one-day workshop devoted to a close examination and modeling of 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions based on the work of Smith and Stein.*
*Used with permission of the authors of 5 Practices for Orchestrating Productive Mathematics Discussions, copyright 2011, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. All rights reserved.

IM Learning™ Instructional Math Routines
Grades K-12
Implementing instructional routines can be challenging. In this professional learning experience participants will learn these three important mathematical routines used in the Illustrative Mathematics 6-8 math curriculum, including: Notice and Wonder, Number Talks, and Which One Doesn’t Belong.

IM Learning™ Adapting Curriculum to Support the Grade 3–5 Fraction Progression
Grades 3-5
We recognize the challenges that come with teaching fractions. During this professional learning day, participants will gain a deep understanding on the big ideas in the fractions progressions, types of activities that support student learning, and adaptations needed for purposeful instruction.

IM Certification™
Grades 6-8
IM Certification is a professional learning opportunity that provides training and mentoring to qualified mathematics educators interested in becoming an IM Certified facilitator. IM Certified facilitators deliver high-quality professional learning experiences to teachers, coaches, and district leaders to help them effectively implement the IM 6-8 Math curriculum.

IM Learning™ GO Math!
Do teachers and coaches feel fully supported in aligning the GO Math! Curriculum to the Common Core State Standard (CCSS)? This one-day workshop will help teachers better align the GoMath! curriculum to the standards by identifying extraneous content and supplementing gaps in the GO Math! curriculum using the guidance documents (produced by Student Achievement Partners) while focusing on developing student learning.
GO Math! is a registered trademark of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

IM Virtual Math Coach
Grades K-12
Stuck on the best way to teach a particular concept? Not sure how your curriculum aligns to a certain standard? Just need to bounce an idea off of someone? We’ve got your back—and answers and ideas—with on-demand instructional support from highly qualified math coaches and teachers.

IM Keynotes & Presentations
Looking for a dynamic speaker or presenter for your event? Our mathematician experts are available to present on mathematics and leadership topics such as a deep dive into the progression of standards, the importance of coherence, shifts in instructional practices, the curriculum we author, and so much more.