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Illustrative Mathematics Presentations

August 2017
William McCallum's overview of
Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math

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August 2017
William McCallum's presentation on using the mathematical practices to build coherence

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October 2017
Kristin Umland
Integrate Assessment into Your Instructional Practice

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November 2017
William McCallum
Making Mathematics Meaningful with a Coherent High School Curriculum

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November 2017
William McCallum Introduces
Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math

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NCSM 2017

1302 Slow Math: Look for and Make Use of Structure
Jennifer Wilson

1316 Coaching Teachers on the Topics of Fractions, Ratios, and Rates
Vanessa Cerrahoglu and Jody Guarino

2311 Getting to the Mathematics in a Professional Learning Community
5 Practices Planning Guide
Kristin Gray, Jody Guarino and Jennie Beltramini

NCTM 2017

96 Middle School OER Curriculum with Built-In Supports for English Language Learners
Kristin Umland and Liz Ramirez

237 Building Teacher Leadership: A Collaborative Approach
Data Collection Tool
Sadie Estrella and Judy Keeney

301 Five Ways to Integrate Assessment into Instructional Practice
Kristin Umland

334 Open Educational Resources: Designing a Middle School Curriculum
Kate Nowak, Ashli Black, and Bill McCallum

417 The Progression of Geometry in the Common Core from Grade 8 to High School
Bill McCallum

635 Dive into Embedded Professional Learning Session Plans in Illustrative Mathematics’ New Curriculum
Jody Guarino, Jennie Beltramini, and Kristin Gray