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Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math

The highest-rated math curriculum on EdReports available on

Discover a full-course curriculum that engages teachers and students at a whole new level of teaching and learning. Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math is a problem-based core mathematics curriculum for grades 6–8 that sparks discussion, perseverance, and enjoyment of mathematics. Students learn math by doing math, solving problems in mathematical and real-world contexts, and constructing arguments using precise language. Teachers shift their instruction with high-leverage routines that guide students in understanding and making connections between concepts and procedures.

Just announced! IM 6–8 Math is the only middle school math series to meet EdReports expectations in all 3 Gateways. EdReports is an independent nonprofit that offers free reviews of K-12 instructional materials focus on alignment to college and career-ready standards and other indicators of high quality as recommended by educators.

With standards at its foundation, Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math supports learning and achievement for all students with built-in differentiation for English language learners, accelerated learners, and those below benchmark. It also fosters learning at home with comprehensive resources for families.

Read the Organizing Principles for Illustrative Mathematics 6-8 Math.

"Student engagement has gone through the roof. There's a buzz in our math classrooms."

David P., Secondary Math Specialist, Tumwater Public Schools, WA

“We adopted the Illustrative Mathematics curriculum district-wide because we saw huge increases in student engagement with the materials. Students were constantly talking about math, using precise language, and constructing mathematically sound arguments. The curriculum facilitates productive struggle for our learners, and teachers have been excited to shift their instruction from being the ‘sage on the stage’ to the ‘guide on the side.’”

Corrine Williams, Secondary Math Specialist, Evergreen Public Schools, WA

“This is the complete, aligned, big-picture-driven curriculum that we have been seeking for many years. There are products on the market aligned to content or practice, but the Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math curriculum is truly the first that aligns in equal intensity to both. We are excited to move to a district-wide adoption in all three grades this year.”

Stefanie Buckner, Mathematics Curriculum Specialist, Buncombe County Schools, NC

Why Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math

  • Meets all 3 EdReports gateways on Focus & Coherence, Rigor & Mathematical Practices, and Usability
  • Strikes the perfect balance between concepts and procedures
  • Integrates lesson-specific supports for students with emerging English proficiency and students with disabilities
  • Includes built-in differentiation strategies, and high-leverage instructional routines
  • Uses real-world and mathematical contexts to make meaningful connections
  • Provides consistent lesson structure across units and grades
  • Offers resources for students, teachers, and families

IM Professional Learning

As the authors of Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math, we partner with schools and districts to support the effective implementation of the curriculum. Unique to IM, our facilitators work hand in hand with the authors of the curriculum to gain a deep understanding of the mathematics and pedagogical approaches across grade levels, units, and lessons. Our professional learning engagements have been developed to deepen your team’s understanding of the mathematics, the curriculum, lesson implementation, and use of assessments to support meaningful shifts in practice to improve student learning and achievement. We believe professional learning experiences should be grounded in the work of teaching and focus heavily on the routines, structures, and representations tied to the curriculum materials teachers use with their students. With IM Professional Learning, you will gain access to an IM Certified facilitator. All of our facilitators have completed a rigorous qualification program, including an intensive training from the Illustrative Mathematics team, to ensure delivery of impactful professional learning.

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About the Authors

William McCallum
Founder and President
Dr. Kristin Umland
Content Lead
Kate Nowak
Instructional Lead
Yenche Tioanda,
Grade 6 Lead
Michelle Mourtgos
Grade 7 Lead
Ashli Black
Grade 8 Lead
Bowen Kerins
Assessment Lead