Coming in July - Make middle school mathematics more meaningful.

With Open Up Resources Middle School Math, a new problem-based math curriculum and open educational resource authored by Illustrative Mathematics, we’ve taken the "I do, we do, you do" out of learning mathematics to make math more relevant and easier for students to personalize and understand.

Critical to students' success in life (and on high-stakes assessments) is their ability to think about unfamiliar problems that they don't yet know how to solve.

My students are THINKING. They're trying. I'm seeing them start to persevere. My class has had a lot of practice with discussions: how to speak to one another, how to encourage reluctant classmates, etc. This is great to see and also transferrable to other subjects. - Grade 6 Teacher


Problem-based Students think about a problem, teachers ensure they understand, students share thinking with their peers, then the teacher makes connections in whole-class discussion to make the mathematics visible.
Universal Design for Learning (UDL) Students have different backgrounds and strengths. Multiple representations and ways of expressing thinking engage all learners. Teachers can choose to access curriculum online or in print.
Embedded Supports All lesson plans include warm ups and cool downs, standards alignments, an introduction to the mathematics, and anticipated misconceptions for core mathematical work. Lessons identify content-specific suggestions for supporting English language learners and students with disabilities.


Nothing gets in the way of the math. We limited the number of instructional routines and made lesson structure consistent across units and grades. A clean and simple interface ensures straightforward navigation for both teachers and students.
Balancing concepts and procedures. Our instructional design is committed to the right balance between conceptual development and procedural fluency. Starting with what students already know, concepts are carefully developed and cultivated through ongoing practice.
Real-world contexts to motivate and apply mathematics. Real-world contexts, coupled with encouraging students to make real-world connections throughout the curriculum, motivates greater understanding.
No tech for tech’s sake. Open Up Resources Middle School Math uses dynamic digital activities strategically to engage students to explore, conjecture, and test hypotheses.

We started where teachers told us they needed it most.

What most American mathematics educators are currently doing is not working. Students' performance on assessments designed to measure number sense and reasoning have been stagnant since 1970. While we have had multiple rounds of reforms in the last 45 years, none has led to a major shift in classroom practice. In speaking with the K-12 teachers we have been supporting in classrooms for years, Illustrative Mathematics saw the greatest need was in middle school. That's why we started there.


Teachers tell us Open Up Resources Middle School Math is making a difference!

"Students are growing in their understanding. I see how each lesson builds upon each other. I understand how this curriculum is built and am able to NOT spend so much time prepping for each lesson. I know what areas to focus on and what to really spend time on."
"I am teaching this math 3 times a day and I feel that it is going well. I enjoy hearing and seeing all the different types of learning and thinking from students. I feel that I was not able to see student thinking before. I love how this math accepts various strategies and encourages students to try and talk about math."


Working with our founder, acclaimed mathematician Bill McCallum, and a team of experts from around the globe, we developed a high-quality math curriculum that engages students and supports teachers. We made it openly available because our vision is to work toward a world where people know, use and enjoy mathematics. We hope you'll join us.