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Illustrative Mathematics Curriculum

Learn why IM 6–8 Math is the highest-rated curriculum on EdReports.

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Driven by student discourse, IM Certified™ curricula are rich, engaging core programs built around focus, coherence, and rigor. The curricula are trusted, expert-authored materials developed to equip all students to thrive in mathematics.

IM 6–8 Math

Spark discussion, perseverance, and enjoyment of mathematics.

IM 6–8 Math is a problem-based core curriculum rooted in content and practice standards to foster learning and achievement for all. Students learn by doing math, solving problems in mathematical and real-world contexts, and constructing arguments using precise language. Teachers can shift their instruction and facilitate student learning with high-leverage routines that guide them in understanding and making connections between concepts and procedures.

IM 6–8 Math meets expectations in all EdReports Gateways. EdReports is an independent nonprofit that reviews K–12 instructional materials focus, coherence, and rigor. Read the full analysis.

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Kendall Hunt Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math–IM Certified™

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“Student engagement has gone through the roof. There's a buzz in our math classrooms."
—David P., Secondary Math Specialist, Tumwater Public Schools, WA

“This is the complete, aligned, big-picture-driven curriculum we have been seeking for years.”
—Stefanie Buckner, Mathematics Curriculum Specialist, Buncombe County Schools, NC

“The curriculum facilitates productive struggle for our learners, and teachers have been excited to shift their instruction from being the ‘sage on the stage’ to the ‘guide on the side.’”
—Corrine Williams, Secondary Math Specialist, Evergreen Public Schools, WA

“This curriculum is brilliantly written. After teaching this program, I really felt it met the learning needs of our students.”
—Stephanie Marvicsin, Teacher, Newport-Mesa Unified School District, CA

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To ensure your curriculum follows IM’s philosophy, sequence, and pedagogy, look for the IM Certified™ logo.

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Educators who select IM Certified curriculum and professional learning have the assurance that those organizations have committed to:

  • Actively collaborating with IM on their modifications to enhance the material without negatively impacting outcomes
  • Strategically aligned mission and goal of IM
  • Give back to the ongoing development of the curriculum and professional learning so that all learners benefit

In addition, Certified partners receive the latest curriculum updates directly from the IM team.

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Adopting a problem-based curriculum prompts meaningful shifts in instructional practice. IM Certified™ professional development is expert-authored and designed to provide long-term, sustainable support for improving instruction and boosting student achievement.

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“We consider a facilitator’s 'IM Certified™' stamp shorthand for quality and expertise, both in mathematics and in delivering the very best professional learning experiences to teachers and coaches.”

—Katie Martin, Lead Secondary Math Teacher, New Hanover County Schools, Wilmington, NC

“To impact mathematics teaching and learning at scale and close the achievement gap, teachers need access to both high-quality curriculum materials and complementary professional learning.”

—Dr. Bill McCallum, founder and president, Illustrative Mathematics

About the Authors

William McCallum
Founder and President
Dr. Kristin Umland
Content Lead
Kate Nowak
Instructional Lead
Yenche Tioanda,
Grade 6 Lead
Michelle Mourtgos
Grade 7 Lead
Ashli Black
Grade 8 Lead
Bowen Kerins
Assessment Lead

IM Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2 Math — Coming July 2019!

Prepare students for lifelong success in mathematics.

Our Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra 2 course sequence flows coherently from IM 6–8 Math and includes elements specifically designed to support high school learners.

The problem-based curriculum builds students’ mathematical understanding through carefully-sequenced tasks, discussion, and real-world connections.

  • Mathematical modeling prompts help teachers give students the room to interpret problems and explore a range of acceptable answers. Students have the agency to make choices and use math to better understand their world.

  • Students have access to a suite of linked applications, including graphing tools, synthetic and analytic geometry tools, and spreadsheets. To encourage fluency with digital tools, students are invited to choose the right tools to help them problem-solve and produce representations to support their own understanding.

  • For students struggling with Algebra I, lesson-specific supports review the skills, understandings, and mathematical connections students need to access the math, helping them internalize the concepts and competencies needed to find success with the math.

  • IM High School Math is currently in beta, and will be ready for district adoptions in 2019–20.