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Interpreting a Division Computation

Alignments to Content Standards: 6.NS.B.2


Use the computation shown below to find the products.


  1. $189\times 16$
  2. $80\times 16$
  3. $9 \times 16$


  1. $189\times 16 = 3024$. The computation shows that $3024 \div 16$ is $189$ with a remainder of $0$. So it must be that $189\times 16 = 3024+0$.

  2. $80\times 16=1280$. We can see this in the second step of the division algorithm. Sol_1_9c923adc41db2e4a4bd50185b1c80116

  3. $9 \times 16=144$. We can see this in the last step of the division algorithm. Sol_2_f72644aa2f7db41212a806f26a3a683a

bcohen says:

about 6 years

I love how this task asks for conceptual understanding of something usually taught as a rote procedure. To be successful with this task, students must make sense of the procedure and how place value is represented and abbreviated within it.

Kristin says:

about 6 years

Thanks for your comment! Let us know how it goes if you get a chance to try it with students.