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IM K–5 Math™ beta

IM Professional Learning for IM K–5 Math beta certified by Illustrative Mathematics

IM Professional Learning certified by Illustrative Mathematics builds preparedness and confidence in teachers to successfully facilitate learning in a problem-based classroom from day one.

Developed by the same diverse authoring team as the elementary curriculum, the professional learning certified by IM fully immerses educators in the curriculum and experience it as a teacher and learner of mathematics. As a result, teachers are able to boost student engagement, guide student discourse, and facilitate student learning by helping them make mathematical connections and understand the underlying key principles.

Interested in piloting IM K–5 Math beta for the 2020–21 school year?


The IM K–5 Math beta pilot is available exclusively through our IM Certified distribution partners.

Participants of the pilot get early access to the highly anticipated K–5 math curriculum, provide feedback to the curriculum and professional learning to influence future versions, and will be a part of a community that is committed to creating a world where learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics. Visit the IM K–5 Math beta curriculum page to learn more.

Not ready to pilot the curriculum but want to stay informed about IM Professional Learning for IM K–5 Math?


IM Professional Learning

Builds teacher confidence as they prepare to implement the curriculum
Moving to a problem-based mathematics curriculum represents a significant practice shift for many educators. IM Certified professional learning facilitators guide teachers through the meaningful paradigm shifts that lead to improved student outcomes.

Increases educator effectiveness and boosts student engagement
IM professional Learning helps teachers develop the skills and confidence to implement standards-aligned instruction, ensure curricular coherence within and across grade levels, facilitate meaningful mathematics discussions, and implement instructional routines that engage students and improve their learning.

Supports teachers with sustainable and scalable classroom strategies
IM Certified professional learning is tailored to meet teachers where they are on the learning continuum, allowing educators at every level to develop their skills over time. 

“IM K–5 math curriculum is needed right now because there is not a program that currently aligns to the math standards and practices while looking at coherence across the grade levels like IM is planning. In addition, they are using high leverage research based math teaching practices, including professional learning for teachers, reflection questions for teachers and coaches, and number routines that build upon each other through the K–5 progression. They are intentional about the visual models they are using at each grade level to help build a deep understanding of the math concepts.”

Georgina R., Bristol, CT