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6–8 Math

Ensure the masterful implementation of Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math and improve student outcomes.

Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math

As the authors of Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math, IM works closely with schools and districts to support the effective implementation of the curriculum. We offer several different professional learning opportunities to deepen your team’s understanding of the curriculum, increase their familiarity with the curriculum materials, and make meaningful shifts in their instructional practices.

Illustrative Mathematics Facilitators lead 6–8 Math trainings, providing districts and schools with a foundation for successful curriculum implementation. Many packages include ongoing unit-by-unit training throughout the year that builds on the foundation to support coaches and teacher leaders working with other teachers within their school or district. Each unit training offers a deeper look into both the mathematics and routines within individual units.

Depending on the duration of the package you choose, participants will:

  • Examine the curriculum architecture, including the structure of a lesson, coherence in the curriculum, and balance in the curriculum
  • Be introduced to the curriculum materials, including practice problems and assessments
  • Discuss the norms, routines, and structures
  • Explore the built-in supports
  • Learn to anticipate common issues teachers may encounter with the curriculum and its implementation (For coaches only)

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