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We created this page for you to easily find out if your current distributor will continue to provide the IM Certified Curriculum. Transitioning to an IM Certified Partner will be seamless. Scroll down to review the difference between IM Certified and Non-Certified.

If you don’t see your current distributor on this page, it means they are no longer supplying the IM Certified Curriculum and Professional Learning. If you learned that your distributor will no longer carry IM Certified curriculum and would like someone to talk to you regarding making a transition, fill in the form below and someone will contact you to discuss your options.

Kendall Hunt is the premiere publisher of innovative, hands-on science, mathematics, gifted and virtual reality curricula for grades PreK–12. In conjunction with offering a variety of inquiry-based stand-alone PreK–12 products, ConstructEd, a division of Kendall Hunt, allows schools and/or teachers, to create made-to-order textbooks or digital products using existing products or creating their own. In partnership with Illustrative Mathematics, Kendall Hunt will provide the only free, IM certified middle school math curriculum for students in grades 6–8.

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LearnZillion Illustrative Mathematics 6–8 Math empowers teachers to shift math classes from workbook time to discussion-and-problem solving time. With easy-to-use lesson plans, student materials, and built-in teacher guidance, LearnZillion’s implementation removes barriers for teachers, helping teachers focus on understanding the math and differentiating to meet all their students’ needs.

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At McGraw Hill, learning science guides everything we do, fueling our mission to help students and teachers succeed. Our new partnership with Illustrative Mathematics is part of that mission, allowing us to deliver their problem-based core curriculum on our Open Learning Platform with print resources to fully support your implementation.

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Why the IM Certified designation is important:

Not all IM subscribers will automatically continue with the IM Certified curriculum. This means that non-certified versions have the possibility of being changed and updated by different contributors without the expertise from the authors. Only materials with the IM Certified designation are guaranteed to include the latest updates, enhancements, and modifications that have been thoughtfully developed and reviewed from the authors you’ve come to know and trust.

In an effort to make the IM curriculum available to all students, IM develops curriculum that is freely available to everyone. With that free license, it’s important to understand the difference between materials that have been modified, reviewed, and approved by IM with its exclusive IM Certified designation and be aware of those versions that have been made available and modified without that oversight.  

Only available through IM Certified providers, the 4 biggest advantages include:

  1. Receive early access to highly-anticipated IM Certified Curriculum updates and enhancements of the highest rated math curriculum by edReports
  2. Reserve your spot to receive new materials, including the much-anticipated high school curriculum available in February and elementary pilots available in 2020
  3. Access to author created, expert delivered professional learning, perfectly paired with the IM Certified Curriculum to support successful implementations and coaching for the life of your adoption
  4. Have the ability to engage with other IM Certified subscribers of the curriculum and the IM authors through the online community of educators committed to improving student outcomes in the classroom

Please contact us via the form above if you have any questions.

Your IM Certified Curriculum Team