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IM Certification FAQs

Questions about Certification Fees and Scholarships

What kind of scholarships are available?
We have a few different options for scholarship:

  • A partial scholarship of $1,500
  • A full scholarship of $3,000
  • A full scholarship of $3,000 plus travel costs to initial facilitator professional learning workshop (limited seats are available for this)

What is the $3,000 fee for?
The $3,000 fee is for the initial workshop, ongoing virtual professional learning for facilitators, and mentorship and support that IM will provide.

How do you determine who receives the scholarships?
We will offer scholarships based on our needs and the qualifications of the candidates. The decision will be based on whether the candidate meets the minimum and preferred requirements, the quality of their application materials, recommendations, and interview.

What is the travel and time commitment? What are the possible locations?
Facilitators choose which events they facilitate. Most of our on-site professional learning events are either 1 or 2 days. We offer our professional learning throughout the United States.

How long are the professional learning events you offer?
Our on-site professional learning events are 7 hours per day. Most of our on-site professional learning events are either 1 or 2 days. Our virtual professional learning events are typically 2 hours.

When are the professional learning events held?
Our professional learning events are usually held during the weekdays all year long, although there are many more summer events. Trainings are either held on-site or virtually.

How often would you need me to provide in-person training?
We would like you to provide as many professional learning events as you are available to provide. However, no commitment is needed if you do not receive a scholarship. If you receive a scholarship, then we would ask you to commit to providing 10-20 professional learning events within the first year depending on the type of scholarship you receive. Note that these could be a combination of on-site or virtual trainings.

I am interested in providing professional learning to my district.
If you are only interested in providing the professional learning to teachers in your own district, you can join one of our leadership academies for a lower cost. However, if you would also like to provide professional learning on behalf of IM, then the IM Certification is more appropriate. See Questions about providing additional professional learning for more information on expectations.

Could I get certified if I have already gone to an IM Academy?
Yes. Since the IM Certification includes more than the Academies, additional steps will be required for candidates who have completed an IM Academy to become IM Certified. Acceptance into the Certification program is contingent upon the recommendation of the facilitator of the IM Academy you attended. To complete certification, the candidate must co-facilitate a 2-day professional learning with an IM Certified co-facilitator. The candidate is responsible for their travel costs. Certification is contingent upon the recommendation of the co-facilitator. Candidates must also commit to participating in other required professional learning and the mentorship program, which are part of IM Certification Program.