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IM Learning™ GO Math!

Increase alignment of GO Math! to standards, develop teachers’ confidence in delivering the curriculum and improve student outcomes

IM Learning GO! Math

The IM Learning™ GO Math! workshop is designed to deepen teachers’ and math coaches’ understanding of the standards and how to use the free guidance documents Student Achievement Partners developed to tighten the alignment of GO Math! to standards.

During this one-day interactive workshop participants will:

  1. Gain understanding of the thinking behind the GO Math! guidance documents
  2. Deepen their understanding of the fraction progression
  3. Develop structures to plan for coherent instruction
  4. Use rich tasks to support student learning
  5. Understand how to use the guidance documents to better align GO Math! with the standards

Teachers will get hands-on practice using the guidance documents and plenty of opportunities to observe and ask questions about shifts in instructional practice needed to successfully implement GO Math!.

Through the analyses of mathematical tasks and student responses, teachers will learn practices they can do in advance and during whole-class discussions that are responsive to both students and the mathematics.

Get the Facts:

  • Available for teachers grades 3-5
  • Held onsite at your location with an IM Facilitator

Click here to see how GO Math! professional learning helped Madd River Local School District

What Participants Say

Our facilitator dramatically grew our knowledge base and has started to reframe our understanding of the work ahead and ways to meet teachers’ and students’ needs.

~ Elementary Math Coach

My teachers got a lot out of the share experience of learning and gaining better understanding of the standards.

~ Elementary School Principal

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