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Fractions Progression Online Course

Gain deeper knowledge of the Common Core State Standards fractions progressions for grades 3–5

Fractions Progression Online Course

Developing your understanding of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M) will improve your ability to teach students the math they need to know with focus, coherence, and rigor. This seven-unit online course is self-paced and unpacks the fraction progressions for grades 3–5. Take the course individually or with colleagues, discussing the videos and tasks in each unit as a team.

Participants of the Fractions Progression Course will:

  1. Examine CCSS-M fractions progressions from a classroom perspective
  2. Learn from videos, Illustrative Mathematics tasks, and readings from the CCSS-M progressions document
  3. Reinforce their learning with a quiz at the end of each unit

The Fractions Progression Course is offered online only, and includes an introduction plus seven units, worked at your own pace.

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