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IM K–5 Math™ v.1

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IM K–5 Math certified by Illustrative Mathematics

The latest chapter of the fully coherent, seamless, and aligned suite of IM K–12 math — available for the 2020–21 school year.

Coming July 2021

About IM K–5 Math

Creating a Coherent Mathematical Journey for All Students From the Start

The IM K–5 Math curriculum is based on researched principles and learning trajectories, as well as our experience with how teachers use materials, to provide teachers the tools they need to promote student success. In the 2020-21 school year, more than 80 school districts are using the beta version of the curriculum to provide their students with an engaging mathematics education.

There are three overarching and interconnected principles—learning, teaching, and equity—that are foundational to everything we create and guide our understanding of mathematics teaching and learning and who can and should learn mathematics. These overarching principles inform our more specific design principles to support student and teacher learning and usability. 

“Students are participating in the IM K–5 Math lessons in amazing ways. Students who used to defer to others are now talking! Students who once monopolized classroom air time are now listening! We are thrilled with the joyful exchange of ideas that happens during these lessons, which is in no small part thanks to the thoughtful design structure.”
—Jenna L., Math Specialist, MA 

“We chose to pilot IM K–5 Math so we could engage students in a curriculum that prepare students to move toward modelling in mathematics and focus on problem solving and conceptual understanding rather than computation and memorization.”
—Ashley G., Assistant Superintendent, DE

“At a recent professional learning for teachers participating in pilot, a teacher summed it up perfectly, ‘IM is really creating what they say they stand for, and you can see it throughout’ which hasn’t always been the case with other resources we have reviewed.”
—Kathleen H., K–8 Mathematics Coordinator, MA

Combining the power of standards alignment, problem-based learning, and research-based pedagogy

IM K–5 Math sparks student engagement and fosters conceptual understanding of the underlying mathematics principles.

  • Students use mathematics to make mathematical connections and develop conceptual understanding.
  • Students enjoy mathematics while they discuss and defend their reasoning.
  • Teachers facilitate lessons with confidence.

IM K–5 Math is a coherent, standards-aligned, and problem-based elementary curriculum uniquely focused on:

  • conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and application
    Instructional routines, representations, and math tools are carefully planned to help students develop and understand mathematical concepts and procedures.
  • grade-level progressions and research-based learning trajectories
    Every routine, activity, and lesson has a place in the mathematical story across units and grade levels based on standards and learning trajectories.
  • formative assessments with clear pathways to address student outcomes
    Innovative staged centers, cool-downs, monitoring sheets, and section quizzes equip teachers to easily monitor and guide student progress.
  • embedded teacher learning that builds confidence in practice
    Teacher reflection questions, embedded curriculum narratives, and a PLC framework continually support teacher learning.
  • extensive curriculum-aligned professional learning
    Teachers feel confident and ready to implement the curriculum with integrated professional learning that supports teachers to develop, refine, and reflect on instructional practices.

IM Certified Professional Learning

IM Professional Learning for IM K–5 Math certified by Illustrative Mathematics

Grounding teacher learning and practice in IM K–5 Math

IM Professional Learning, certified by Illustrative Mathematics, is deeply integrated with the curriculum. The program provides teachers and leaders long-term, sustainable support for developing, refining, and reflecting on instructional practices.


Learn more about  IM K–5 Math beta: 

Sample Teacher Materials for K–5 Units

Teachers are supported with a lesson preview page, side-by-side lesson plan view of student activities and teacher directions, clear guidance for facilitating warm-ups, activities, student discussions, activity and lesson syntheses, and the cool down activity.

Scope and Sequence

In IM K–5 Math each grade is made up of eight carefully sequenced and standards-aligned units designed to tell a coherent mathematical story. The attached sequence is from the alpha pilot and may be adjusted slightly in the beta pilot based on teacher feedback.



Sample Lesson Plan

A redesigned lesson plan structure for the elementary classroom gives teachers the support and information they need at their fingertips



An Expert-Authored Curriculum

Designed by educators dedicated to teacher and student success. Our curricula are designed by respected thought leaders who share IM's goal to create a world where learners know, use, and enjoy mathematics.

William G. Mcallum


Bill McCallum has dedicated his life to helping teachers, educators, mathematicians, and policymakers show fidelity to both mathematical coherence and student learning.

He is an Emeritus Distinguished Professor of Mathematics at The University of Arizona, where he researches number theory and arithmetical algebraic geometry, authors textbooks, and advises researchers and policymakers. Bill’s work as a lead writer of the Common Core State Standards in Mathematics earned him the Distinguished Public Service Award from the American Mathematical Society and the Dolciani Award from the Mathematical Association of America.

As President and co-founder of Illustrative Mathematics, he chairs the Board of Directors where he helps craft the strategic direction of the organization and contributes to the curricula; he also represents IM to funders, at speaking events, and in workshops.

Kristin Umland

Content Lead, IM K–5 Math beta

Kristin believes that all children can learn and enjoy mathematics, and that by coordinating the expertise of teachers, mathematicians, math education researchers, and business professionals, we can help students realize their mathematical potential.

Before joining the IM team, she was an Associate Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of New Mexico (UNM). After joining UNM with a Ph.D. in Mathematics, she carried out research in mathematics education, taught pre-service and in-service elementary and secondary teachers, and conducted education outreach at the local, state, and national level. A recipient of both the Louise Hay Award and the AMS Impact Award, Kristin’s goal has always been to improve the mathematical and pedagogical quality of children’s learning experiences.

A co-founder of IM, she now serves as VP for Content Development and oversees the development of curriculum and professional learning.

Kristin Gray

K–5 Director of Elementary Curriculum and Professional Learning, IM K–5 Math beta

Kristin’s continuous curiosity around students’ mathematical ideas drives her work in writing instructional materials that create a coherent mathematical story for all students.

She is a National Board Certified 22-year veteran teacher of grades 5, 7, and 8, and was a Teaching Channel Laureate. Kristin has a B.S. in Elementary Education with a concentration in Mathematics from the University of Delaware, an M.Ed. in Applied Technology in Education, and is the 2014 Presidential Awardee for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching.

As a curriculum writer on the IM 6–8 Math curriculum, she is committed to providing opportunities for teachers and students to find joy in learning.

Alex Clayton

Kindergarten Lead, IM K–5 Math beta

Alex believes that both teachers and instructional materials should empower students to develop their ideas and mathematical identities.

She worked as a K4 math and literacy interventionist before spending three years as a kindergarten teacher at FirstLine Schools’ Langston Hughes Academy in New Orleans. She now lives in Morgantown, West Virginia with her husband and pet rabbit.

As Kindergarten Lead for IM K5, Alex believes that all students have valuable mathematical ideas to share, and is dedicated to creating curricula that encourage and empower them to share those ideas.

Marni Greenstein

Grade K–2 Lead, IM K–5 Math beta

Marni believes that education is the key lever for working toward a more equitable society.

Marni spent years as an elementary school teacher, math interventionist, and K8 coach in public schools in D.C. and N.Y. She then went on to serve as a Senior Math Specialist on the Professional Learning Team at Student Achievement Partners.

Now the Kindergarten to Grade 2 Lead on the IM K5 Curriculum, she firmly believes that quality instructional materials are a powerful way to provide equitable access to the materials for students and teachers.

Brianne Durst

Grade K–2 Writer and Coherence Reviewer, IM K–5 Math beta

Brianne believes that all students deserve the chance to learn mathematics as a subject that makes sense, that this sense-making should be done individually as well as within a math community, and that students need to believe in the value of sharing and reflecting upon their ideas as well as the ideas of others in their math community.

She was a classroom teacher in grades 2 and 4 for a total of 12 years before becoming a math coach. She has spent the last 5 years as a math coach and interventionist for grades K2 at Community Roots Charter School in Brooklyn, NY. She is also a member of the Math Collective, a group that offers professional learning materials and experiences to teachers in New York City.

Through her work with IM, she is able to help provide students with a mathematics experience that makes sense and encourages learning with a community of peers.

Sara Baranauskas

Grade 1 Lead, IM K–5 Math beta

Sara believes that the key to developing all students’ mathematical identities hinges on fostering positive relationships with students by valuing their thinking, supporting them where they are in their trajectory, and asking genuine questions.

With 20 total years of teaching experience, Sara was the K6 Mathematics Lead Math Specialist and grades 2, 5, and 6 elementary school teacher in Regional School District No. 6 in Litchfield, Connecticut. In 2015, she was selected as a LearnZillion National Dream Team Coach, where she collaborated with teachers to develop units for grades 1 and 2. She spent the last four years working at Suffield Public Schools, where she was the K5 mathematics and science curriculum leader, as a coach and professional development provider.

Sara sees her work with IM as a natural extension of her career and personal goals as a dedicated and passionate mathematics education professional.

Deborah Peart

Grade 2 Lead, IM K–5 Math beta

Deborah believes that equity and justice are not about everyone getting the same thing, they’re about everyone getting exactly what they need in order to have a fair shot at success.

Now based in Marietta, GA, Deborah taught in New York City for 6 years before spending the next 14 years in private independent schools in Greenwich, CT and Atlanta, GA, where she now teaches grade 3. She also delivers math professional development and supports teachers and students through SEL workshops. Deborah has twice presented at the NAIS-People of Color Conference with a focus on Approaching Mathematics Mindfully and Equity in Mathematics. She has also written for Edutopia, and Creative Teaching and Learning Magazine.

She sees her work with IM as an extension of her philosophy that hard work should pay off, and an opportunity to level the playing field for all students by helping provide access to great mathematics instruction.

Dionne Aminata Samb

Grade 3–5 Lead, IM K–5 Math beta

Dionne has spent her entire career relentlessly seeking to help underserved students succeed.

As a Math Content Specialist with Aspire Public Schools in Los Angeles California, she supports teachers and leaders as they adopt and implement equitable teaching practices and deepen their understanding of the standards.

Dionne’s work at IM is a natural extension of her experience developing and adapting math curricula to fit the needs of diverse student populations in a way that is creative, hands-on, standards-aligned, and culturally and linguistically responsive.

Zack Hill

Grade 3 Lead, IM K–5 Math beta

Zack is passionate about each and every student having access to high-quality math instruction.

Now based out of Saint Petersburg, FL., he spent the last 5 years as a school-based math coach for Pinellas County Schools where he coached and presented professional development at the district, state, and national levels. He currently serves on the board of directors for the Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics (FCTM) and was the lead writer on the FCTM Access and Equity Position Statement.

Zack’s work on the IM K5 Curriculum leverages both his extensive background in mathematics education and his dedication to ensuring quality instruction for every student.

Kaneka Turner

Grade 4 Lead, IM K–5 Math beta

Kaneka believes that math can change the trajectory of a person’s life, empowering them to view themselves as capable.

For over 19 years, she has had the privilege of leading in and out of the classroom. Her journey as an educator includes experience as a classroom teacher, teacher of gifted education, elementary math coach, Title I elementary math specialist, and district math specialist. In addition to her work in local school districts, she has also served teachers as an author facilitator of math professional learning for 15 years.

Her work on the IM K5 Curriculum amplifies her dedication to changing lives through teaching, coaching, curriculum development, and professional learning.

Yenche Tioanda

Grade 4, IM K–5 Math beta

Yenche is passionate about learning and helping others learn. She is also a fan of spicy food, public radio, walking outings, and game nights with her family.

Her adventures in math education began as a high-school teacher and a corps member of Teach For America in Philadelphia. Over the past 14 years she has worked as a teacher, curriculum designer, leader of a professional learning community, administrator, and consultant to schools and non-profit organizations.

Sarah Caban

Grade 5 Lead, IM K–5 Math beta

Sarah believes that all students learn math by doing math together, and sees great value in listening to students’ ideas.

She started her teaching career on an island off the coast of Maine, teaching in a K–8 one-room schoolhouse, then she spent four years teaching grade 4. Since 2001 she has been a K12 math coach and coordinator, and she also presents professional development at local, state, and national conferences.

At IM, she facilitated professional learning for the Illustrative Mathematics <Middle School Curriculum, and her work as a Grade 5 Lead puts her passion for listening and collaboration at the heart of every lesson she designs, teaches, and places in a teacher’s hand.

Noelle Conforti Preszler

Grade 3–5 Writer/Reviewer and Instructional Designer, IM K–5

Noelle values students’ experiences with mathematics and works to create classrooms where students feel they belong and know their mathematical ideas are honored.

She is a mathematics educator with a Ph.D. from the University of Washington with over 10 years of undergraduate teaching experience, including 8 years teaching pre-service teachers in K8 math content courses.

Along with writing and reviewing lessons at IM, Noelle’s instructional design work is focused on thinking carefully about the educative aspects of the IM Curriculum and its coherence across grades.

Kevin Liner

Professional Learning Lead, IM K–5 Math beta

Kevin is guided by a personal passion for mathematics and a boundless desire to help students and teachers succeed.

He began his career as a high school math teacher and Secondary Mathematics Curriculum Specialist in Hartford, Connecticut. Now a Ph.D. student at the University of Connecticut, his focus is Curriculum and Instruction in Secondary Mathematics. His passion for teaching and learning has taken him as far as Rwanda, where he works with the Rwanda Teacher Education Program helping to design and implement a national teacher training program.

His work with IM is a perfect extension of his dedication to providing mathematics educators the resources they need to succeed.