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Finding a 10% increase

Alignments to Content Standards: 7.RP.A.3


5,000 people visited a book fair in the first week. The number of visitors increased by 10% in the second week. How many people visited the book fair in the second week?


Solution: Mental math

This task is appropriate for mental mathematics and students should be encouraged to think through the solution mentally. Students can easily find 10% of 5,000 and add 500 to 5000 arriving at the solution 5,500 people visited the book fair in the second week.

Solution: Computing the percent increase

There was a 10% increase, so multiplying 5,000 by 1.1 (in other words, 100% + 10%) will yield the result of 5,500 people visited the book fair in the second week

JohnSpack says:

almost 6 years

I interpret this problem as a "percent of increase" problem, which aligns with Grade 7. See 7.RP.3, multistep percent problems. Mastery of the task presented in this problem is not required to meet the standard for Grade 6. I would redirect the question to finding just the percentage ("10% of the people bought a book. How many people bought a book?").

Kristin says:

almost 6 years

Thanks for seeing that. Instead of changing the task, I just moved it to 7.RP.3.