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The people who have helped us get where we are today and are helping us realize our vision

Greta Anderson, 3-5 Classroom Expertise
Ashli Black, Social Networking
Patrick Callahan, Professional Development
Eric Connally, Software Architecture
Phil Daro, Senior Advisor
Jeff Enos, Software Architecture
Oliver F. Jenkins, 7-12 Classroom Expertise
Clark Kellogg, Communications
Brigitte Lahme, Content Development
Ben McCarty, K-6 Mathematics Expertise
William G. McCallum, Founder
Cameron McLeman, High School Mathematics Expertise
Mike Nakamaye, Content Development
Roxy Peck, Statistics and Probability Expertise
Linda Plattner, Co-founder
Morgan Saxby, Lesson Plan Architect
Brendan Shean, Software Architecture
Dev Sinha, Content Development
Rob Stansfield, Project Management
Kristin Umland, Co-founder
Ellen Whitesides, Professional Development
Georgia Wood, K-2 Classroom
Jason Zimba, Senior Advisor
Sasha Zivalijevic, Software Architecture

The people who have assisted us with their advice and insights

Dona T. Apple, Mathematics Learning Community Project, Regional Science Resource Center, University of Massachusetts Medical School
Richard Askey, University of Wisconsin (emeritus)
Deborah Ball, University of Michigan
Shelbi Cole, Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
Albert Cuoco, Education Development Center: Center for Mathematics Education
Philip Daro, Senior Fellow of Mathematics, Pearson Foundation/Gates Foundation Partnership, Senior Fellow-Director, Strategic Education Research Partnership
Linda M. Gojak, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
Diana Kasbaum, Association of State Supervisors of Mathematics, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction
Irwin Kra, Stony Brook University
Chris Minnich, Council of Chief State School Officers
Suzanne Mitchell, National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics
Jerry Moreno, John Carroll University
Ryan Reyna, National Governors Association
Susan Jo Russell, TERC: Mathematics and Science Education
Laura Slover, Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers, Achieve
Doug Sovde, Achieve
Marilyn Strutchens, Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators, Auburn University
James Tanton, Mathematical Association of America
Mary Jane Tappen, Florida Department of Education
Jason Zimba, Student Achievement Partners

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