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Unit: K.8

Putting it All Together

In this unit students

•  count by ones and tens to 100;
•  practice writing numbers;
•  understand cardinality;
•  solve addition and subtraction word problems;
•  represent addition and subtraction in multiple ways;
•  compose and decompose numbers;
•  compare numbers to 10 written as numerals;
•  achieve fluency in addition and subtraction within 5.

Students have an opportunity to practice most of the skills and strategies they have learned throughout the course of the year in this unit. As teachers and students have worked (tirelessly) in the other units to practice choral and independent counting by tens and ones, it is here that the full intent of the standard (K.CC.A.1) is met, counting as high as 100! While students are not expected to count out 100 objects using a one-to-one correspondence, developing a sense of the magnitude of a number as large as 100 is useful.

Students solve word problems involving addition and subtraction to 10 using objects, drawings, and/or equations. They use multiple representations to demonstrate their conceptual understanding of addition and subtraction. They develop fluency with adding and subtracting within 5 through continued work with composing and decomposing numbers.

This unit also serves as an opportunity for the teacher to provide support for struggling students and challenges for students who exhibit mastery of the Kindergarten standards.

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