Unit: K.5

Addition and Subtraction to 10

In this unit students

•  represent addition and subtraction with objects;
•  solve word problems;
•  compose and decompose 10 or less into pairs in more than one way;
•  introduce expressions in relation to addition and subtraction situations;
•  develop fluency with addition and subtraction within 5.

Addition and subtraction is part of the major work of Kindergarten, so students need repeated opportunities to revisit these operations throughout the year. Completing a single unit on addition and subtraction is not sufficient to develop a strong number sense and flexibility with numbers. In this unit students expand their work with addition and subtraction to include sums and differences to ten. They use objects and drawings to represent situations of adding to and taking from. They begin foundational work with tens by exploring the idea of making a ten, that is, given a number between 1 and 9, finding the number whose sum with the given number is 10.

Students start working with addition and subtraction equations, and addition and subtraction word problems, using objects and drawings. Within this unit's focus on numbers to ten, students develop fluency in addition and subtraction within five and expressing five as a sum in multiple ways.

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