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Section: A2.4.6

End Assessment

Assess students’ ability to
 • graph a polynomial by factoring to find zeros, and correctly interpreting end behavior (A-APR.B.3, F-IF.C.7c$^\star$);
 • apply the remainder theorem to solve a mathematical problem (A-APR.B.2);
 • model with a polynomial (A-CED.A.1$^\star$), and use the model to solve a problem (A-REI.D.11$^\star$);
 • rewrite a rational expression in a different form to solve a problem (A-REI.D.11$^\star$);
 • write a rational equation that models a situation (A-CED.A.1$^\star$), and use the equation to solve problems (A-REI.A.2);
 • demonstrate understanding that when solving a rational equation, extraneous roots may emerge as a result of the solution process (A-REI.A.2).