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Unit: 1.9

Putting it All Together

In this unit students use fluent addition and subtraction within 10 and understanding of adding and subtracting within 100 to represent, solve, and communicate about problems involving addition and subtraction.

In this unit students put it all together. They use their fluency adding and subtracting within 10 and their well-developed skills within 20, and they continue to develop strategies within 100. They represent and solve word problems that involve adding and subtracting, including addition problems with three whole numbers. They use strategies flexibly, for example, when adding 6 + 7, students first “make 10” by adding 6 + 4, and then add the remaining 3, to get 13. Or they might think of 6 + 7 as a double plus one (6 + 6 + 1 = 13). Data sets are used to support the work with addition and subtraction, as students work to answer “how many more” and “how many less” questions about the data. This unit serves to bring all of the learning around addition and subtraction together into one coherent set of lessons. It is essential for students to communicate their understanding of these operations in this unit.

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