Unit: 1.2

Adding and Subtracting within 10

In this unit students build on their work in Kindergarten on addition and subtraction within 10 to include new types of addition and subtraction contexts.

Students focus on the important work of adding and subtracting, building on what they learned in Kindergarten. Their work with addition and subtraction throughout the year balances developing conceptual understanding, procedural fluency, and applications. By the end of Grade 1, students should be fluent with adding and subtracting within 10. Since fluency develops over time, work towards fluency begins in this unit.

Students solve word problems using drawings and number lines. They represent these problems with equations, using a symbol for the unknown number. They begin to explore properties of operations to help develop flexibility with written and mental computation. They work toward developing a repertoire of strategies for addition and subtraction and work to make those strategies explicit. Working with drawings, number lines, and equations helps students connect concrete representations to more abstract mathematical symbols.

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