Adapting Curriculum to Support the Grade 3–5 Fraction Progression

IM Learning 5 Practices Workshop

1 Full Day: 6 hours

Who should attend?
Grade 3–5 Teachers and Coaches

Understanding the Grade 3–5 fraction progression the Common Core State Standards are built upon is critical to successful instruction. With a deep understanding of the fraction progression, teachers are better able to think critically about curriculum materials and make content-informed adaptations to support all students in their learning. In this professional learning experience, teachers will explore the fraction progressions and related CCSS, identify big ideas addressed at each grade level, engage in fraction activities that support these big ideas, reflect on important activity structures, and discuss ways in which to adapt these activities to be useful within their current curriculum work.

Learning Goals:

  • Understand the big ideas in the fraction progressions.
  • Understand types of activities that support student learning of fractions.
  • Understand important activity structures and adaptations for purposeful instruction.
  • Reflect on implications for the teaching and learning in our classrooms.

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