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Description Download Published Alignments
F-LE Exponential Kiss PDF 2014-04-24 HSF-BF.B.5HSF-IF.C.7.eHSF-LE.A.4
2.NBT.B8 Choral Counting PDF 2014-04-22
1.OA Peyton's Books PDF 2014-04-22
2.MD Choices, Choices, Choices PDF 2014-04-15 2.MD.C.8
2.MD Pet Shop PDF 2014-04-15 2.MD.C.8
2.NBT Using Pictures to Explain Number Comparisons PDF 2014-04-15 2.NBT.A.4
4.NBT Mental Division Strategy PDF 2014-04-15 4.NBT.B.6
5.NBT Rounding to Tenths and Hundredths 2014-04-15 5.NBT.A.4
5.NBT Placing Thousandths on the Number Line. PDF 2014-04-15 5.NBT.A.3
5.NBT Comparing Decimals on the Number Line PDF 2014-04-15 5.NBT.A.3
2.NBT Number Line Comparisons PDF 2014-04-04 2.NBT.A.4
N-Q Giving raises PDF 2014-04-01 HSN-Q.A.2HSN-Q.A
F-TF Hours of Daylight 1 PDF 2014-04-01
F-TF Finding Trig Values PDF 2014-04-01 HSF-TF.C.8
F-TF Special Triangles PDF 2014-04-01 HSF-TF.A.3
F-TF Trig Functions and the Unit Circle PDF 2014-04-01 HSF-TF.A.2
4.G Defining Attributes of Rectangles and Parallelograms PDF 2014-03-30 4.G.A.2
2.NBT Many Ways to do Addition 2 PDF 2014-03-25 2.NBT.B.7
1.OA Cave Game Subtraction PDF 2014-03-25 1.OA.B.4
1.OA Fact Families with Pictures PDF 2014-03-25 1.OA.B

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